Saturday, October 5, 2013

I finally have a Mantle I can decorate! Welcome Fall

I have searched for a small Mantle for my little Cottage down the shore for about 2 years.
Most that I found were too big or too expensive.
This one is perfect. it is just the right size , a great price, and it even has a metal backing.
I adore it.

 I covered my TV with a lightweight, removable shuttered mirror which used to be in the bedroom.
So easy to move
And covered the boxes with lace which doesn't interfere with the remote, if possitioned correctly.

 A bit of burlap around a candle
 Little Mrs. Owl

A very simple  project to use up old burlap scraps is to cover a styrofoam ball with them to make your own decor balls.

Or wrap and glue some sisal rope around a candle or jar.

A simple natural burlap bag for some lavender or cinnamon this time of year, couldn't be easier to craft.

 And finally, at this time of year I like to bring in a little bit of the wheat colored sea grass that grows out back, for both sides of my new vintage mantle.
I always lament when the blooms are full ...the summer comes to a close, but the gorgeous Fall weather  will begin. And Fall is wonderful down the shore.

 Our leaves are just beginning to change a tiny bit here in Jersey, so the orange leaves will get added in a little later in the season when they do!
Today is like Indian summer... 82 degrees and lots of beachgoers, unusual, but very enjoyable!!

Thanks for stopping by.

There is a Fall Party going on:
Feathered Nest Fridays
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