About me

Just my story about a little Vintage Cottage I stumbled upon "down the shore" one day. I'd been searching for one like it for a little more than 2 years. All I required were two small things.
A small price, and a small view of the water.
Now, 9 years later, it is hard to believe I ever thought twice about it when I found it. I remember saying to the real estate agent "You know it really needs work, I would only be buying it for the view." But oh boy... boy what a view! 
I thought about it for several months. The price was great. The view far surpassed my dreams of what was within my reach. I am so glad I saw the possibilities, and had a simple vision for the interior. This is a continuing story about the joys that have come my way through my Cottage Beach House. We are just 100 steps to the beach.
My quest to be near the sea is never ending. We also purchased a home on the Gulf coast of Florida just a half mile from the beach. It is my dream to some day retire and spend 6 months in Florida and 6 months on the Jersey Shore.
For now we spend as much time as is possible, and I am always fixing something to suit my taste. The Florida house came with a crazy and wild 1980's contemporary interior. Making it like a cottage Beach House has been and continues to be challenging, and memorable. The times my family shares by the sea, are worth all the sacrifices we had to make, to make these 2 homes possible.
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