Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 18 Creating a Mexican Courtyard

This project is taking me more time than I thought. A huge project removing a bunch of stone and preparing the concrete floor underneath. So today i am posting some inspiration pictures of Mexican Courtyards, and my progress so far.

First is this fountain. I love the arch around it.

Since I already have a fountain, My plan was to create an arch around it with mexican plates that I have been thrifting for the last year in preparation for this.

So below is what I have done.
The plants will come out when I fill it with water 

Below are doors that I love from the site

I am not in the market for a new door but figured  shutters in this style would be perfect to dress up my boring windows. You see here.

Here we are removing all that stone!

Here is a sneek peek at the shutters I found at the salvage yard.

These will go far in making this entrance over into a Mexican style courtyard.

I Love and adore these,
and you can see we have the stone all removed

Here are some more inspiration photos
 I love the clay with the white!

I love the floors in this shot.

I have concrete under all the stone so I am stamping it in a brick pattern.

Here is a sneek at the work  I do have done on the floor so far.

it is a simple process but time consuming and a lot of work on the knees!

With concrete stain and a sponge I have created the look of brick.

 I will post again about the progress. Hoping to get done and go home for Easter!!

Adios Amigos!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project 17 A night stand gets Beachified

Once again I am at the Florida house working on projects. I really wish I could stay longer, but i also have tons of stuff to get done back in Jersey.
So the first week was a vacation, hanging out with my kids. Now it's down to work. I decided to tackle the small courtyard in front of the house. But that will take alot more time.

 So today I have a teeny tiny project. A nightstand makeover.
This simple nightstand had no character.

What it had was good structure, so it seemed like a viable candidate for beachification.

I thought I would give it a nice coat of whitewash and get her looking like some driftwood.

So without further ado here she is.

I just could not get those little white plastic pegs out. See them on top? Anyone know how?
 I couldn't budge them with a plyers.
Anywho, she looks a bit more refreshed in white don't you agree?
i like her beachy look.

 It is also time for the adventures of Picky and Pickier to begin. 
My sis ( who is Pickier) is coming over  from the East coast of Florida, and we will go on a thrifting adventure up and down Tamiami trail.
Stay tuned!

Update on the nite stand, I listened to Bliss and turned it around so the pretty side was more visible.

 And clustered some shells around the plastic things that I can't pry out.

I like how it resembles an old storage crate this way. The inside can still be accessed for remotes and books!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picky finds the Greatest Vintage Door Ever!

I'd been looking around for just the right vintage door for a while, with not much luck.
I wanted it to be not too wide.
I wanted the panels to be the old horizontal ones you see on old oak doors in a cottage.
I wanted it to be chippy, with an old coat of paint
I guess I was being Picky.

 And then I found the perfect one.
Hiding between a bunch or other old doors in an old junk shop.
 Immediate and sudden infatuation hit me!
Soon he it was in the back of my van.

I envisioned it in my guest room in the corner, just waiting for some vintage linens.
Or maybe I'd add a few hooks, to hold whatever my guest needs to hang.

As I cleaned it up I realized, I love it's soft minty green color.
It 's perfect amount of chippy 
And the perfect way it fits in the corner!

There was a really lot of grime but it cleaned up like a charm with my favorite, Mr clean Magic Eraser.
From this mess:

That same spot after a regular clean up with pine sol.

And that spot after one swipe with Mr Clean Magic eraser.

I leave the elbow grease to Mr clean. I love it. It all cleaned up in about half an hour.

what do ya think?
And what is your favorite thing to clean up grime with?

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project 15 Saint Patty's Day window Display at the Shop

One of the fun things I get to do at the North End Antiques and Collectables Shop in Cape May NJ is decorate the window. I did something green for St. Patty's Day, and the coming of Spring.

A bit of green fenton and a big old green apothecary jar

 A pot full of Shimmerry Gold tulle and Gold Vintage Purses.
 Another piece of fenton and an old lamp.

 This will be a simple change up for Easter by removing the crystal and silver and just adding some pretty yellows and a bit of pink  or blue pastels.

And that will probably involve some of these pretty linens, creating a little  cottage look

 A sneek peek behind the linens, at the old door I found that I have fallen in love with.

Aren't you glad spring is almost here?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 13 and 14 of 2012 French Desk & Cottage Book case

I have to admit I have fun with these projects. I still jump in without taking before shots  quite a bit.
I'll have to work on that!
Here is my latest  2 bits of creativity.
A pretty French Provincial Desk.
I am a bit behind on my posting this picture is under the Valentine's window
 That window is actually dressed for Saint Patty's Day now and looks like this:

And now lets peek at one wall of my booth and that bookcase I re-did

 I did take before pics of that.. a skinny shelf with good bones..and a dark side.. He needed help in being repurposed.
He had been used and abused.

And just a coat of white beachified him enough for me to fall in love

 I hated to part with this one, but i am sure he will find a happy home

With lots of aquas and greens in my booth for  the coming spring.

Pretty soon the adventures of Picky and Pickier will begin again!! Yippee!!
 With my upcoming annual trip to Florida  and I get to hang out with my sis, drink mojitos, and hit every junk shop on the eastern seaboard!!
hmmmnn maybe one of these is in my future...
Happy Trails to you!

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