Before and Afters

I'd like to share some of my before and after photos with you.

A comfy chair down the shore at the Beach House..... Slipcovered in nautical stripes

The Hutch in Florida..... painted and given legs, and new hardware

Dining Table in Florida.... painted and mod podge with vintage map paper

Those crazy Florida Dining Chairs.... slipcovered in drop cloth

The entire Florida Dining Room comes together

The Florida Kitchen... just paint and beach accessories

Stove area

An Old Desk

Frenchifying an old desk

Lightening up my sister's dining room

Read how we did it in this post here.
My sis wanted to paint this big brown hutch yellow to match her table but her grown kids said
 "NO, it's an antique". It actually isnt at all it's from the 70's
We found an old China closet  (Below) that was pretty beat up, to paint, 
1920  beat up china cabinet

This old cabinet really was from the 20's, but not sentimental to the kids, we found it out pickin, so we worked our magic on that, and I posted it in one of the "Adventures of Picky, and Pickier"

Moving on to the kitchen and the dining area of my house

Home Kitchen remodel... posted here

A peek at the Home Kitchen remodel top pics are all befores and the afters of the same areas are right under them

Our  Cottage Beach House at  New Jersey Shore

 We purchased our home at the shore because it had a view of the ocean. It was dark and dreary inside. We did all the work ourselves with the help of family. Tearing out the pot belly stove (our only source of heat) was difficult . See all the brick around it?

The kitchen Before
The kitchen floor got torn out completely down to the sand underneath. Funny thing is we found that it was all built with scrap wood and old doors! My brother, sister in law, son and cuz, rebuilt that floor.

That back wall you see where the door is...My sister in law went to lean on it, and her arm went right through it!!!
 We didnt know it was that rotted!! So we had to replace that entire back wall. My son did all the demolition and my brother did the rebuilding of the walls.
We got our cabinets from Home Depot and my brother and sister in law helped put them in.
This is how it looks now.
The After

I used an old door to create an access door to the new heat system we had installed. I sanded it and painted it white with a little bit of blue running through it. And my brother made me a door out of beadboard ( to match my cabinets) to cover the electric panel which is to the right because there is no where else it could go. It's a tiny house. He also made the woodwork you see around the old door.
This area that is now a closet for our heater was where the refrigerator once stood.
To the left of the above area was a horrible orange countertop, very dark smelly brown cabinets and a washing machine!
I could not find a picture but here is a diagram.

That area now

And the refrig is now where the washer was when we bought the house

The washer is in the same closet as the heatrer is now.
The sink  which was under the little window you see here is on the other side of the room, on an angle facing in to the dining area.

 Sink in this corner.
And it is a little bar area here too. Which once was a big ugly orange counter.

The entire house had brown indoor outdoor carpeting, which my daughter and I ripped out, and lenolium under that which we also tore out.  Then we had someone install  a whitewashed wood.
This is a picture from the little living room, as you can see it's not much more than a shotgun shack.
That's what they call them when you can look right through them.
But that is what sold me. When I looked at the house, I could see right through to the beach grass swaying in the wind, the minute I walked in.
My area in the 1930's
My area now


Our Florida home was very 80's contemporary when we bought it. We don't get to spend a lot of time there because of work in New Jersey, so it has taken us a while, because it takes more time than a week's vacation allows to actually get things done. These are the things we have changed so far.
The Dining Hutch

And with some paint and new legs. (read how I painted over this laminated surface here)

Read the How to here

The Dining Table
A big dark chunk of un- beachiness with beetlejuice chairs!


 With just a few rounds of paint and some decoupage, and dropcloth slipcovers.
And you can read  the How here.


And my daughter's room which really needed a re-do went from drab to fab with some paint and much needed new furniture.

Read about that makeover here.

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