Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Completed Kitchen Tour before and after "The Good the Bad and the Ugly"

Because I have previously posted bits and pieces of my new white kitchen as it was getting done, I thought now that it is complete with dishes all put back, I would give a complete tour. 
 A 360 * tour .....

The "Good" stuff first. ..... then the "Bad" before... and  the "Ugly" during construction.
As you walk in.
The sink area 

Moving down to the left.
The oven area.

further down that wall, the new  exit door

peek-a - boo Kitty..

 The Dining to Living room area. I also added French doors.
And kept my corner cabinet I've had for years. She fit in so nicely in this corner of the dining room, you will see in the before pics that she used to be in the kitchen. I thought I might have to sell her, but I am so glad, it worked out she could stay.

To the left of those doors going back into the kitchen we have the reduced depth counter so we would have room for the island which I really wanted.

The island holds the microwave on one side and an eating area on the other.

The new refrigerator is a dream. And looking into the Dining room it flows  nicely now, with a warm glow at night.

When I look at the kitchen now from my family room, 
it feels like my house is so much more spacious.
 Woops this is an older pic the mantle over the stove wasn't complete.

And the view from the dining room is much more open now .

Now for the  "Bad"   .....Because everyone likes a "before"

As you entered the kitchen.

We totally rebuilt this back wall. New walls, new windows, started Jan 5th.
 These pics are from the Autumn.
Looking to the left a bit, was that door which we closed in for one long wall of cabinets.

And to the left , below  you see the peninsula which was the only prep area I had !!
 And the space between that and the wall served as the entrance to the dining room from the kitchen.

Moving left in your 360 * view you now have the tiny cooking area and dangling cabinets.
Hanging from the ceiling. ( This was a popular option in the early 90's.. don't understand why!!) It might have worked ok if it wasn't for the high stove top!!
I still hate this look, when I occasionally see it in an old magazine.
Tiny for a family of 8
Next we had the sink in the corner looking at... the corner!! :)))
Gotta chuckle at that!

Not enough cabinets to even put everything in!!
And then the fridge
 So as you can see, that was a little tiny work triangle!
Ok now if we swing around and walk thru that peninsula opening into the dining room..

here it was. 
That is another window which got torn out to become my French doors. :)
And the ugly chandy got a ride to re-store.
 to the left a bit more was the old entryway to the living room.
Which looked ordinary.

 That doorway now, as the new French Doors, is one of my favorite features!

Here is how it looked from the dining into kitchen.
ugggh those cabinets! ...Hello?... Is anyone in the kitchen? Peekie boo. 

 And below, was the view from the family room into the kitchen. 
Construction had just begun here.. note the built added on wall and the stripped out other wall. 
And we had just gotten a new fridge. The old white one croaked.
 (they all think I took a sledge to it)
I did promise the Ugly.
Just a few pics ..of the eye candy that worked in my kitchen:))
Door boarded up peninsula ripped out.
And the dangling ceiling cabinets..gone.
Now from the dining room  with those cabinets gone.
And as they started the sheetrocking. And some electric got roughed in.

Some of my  favorite features are below. 
If you are thinking about new cabinets consider some of these options.
 I am thrilled with these.
The big pot drawers next to the stove. So handy! They hold aLOT
And I love the double oven!!

Next up the 3 drawer cabinet. ( a nice way to end a run)

A Sea-glass green tile backsplash that I designed, 

cause I could not find one I liked, and there is a really lot of them out there!

And last but not least I love the little nautical twist of a rope design on the trim I had my contractor install the way I wanted it.
I didn't want it on the edges of the cabinets as usual. I wanted it run down the seams. 
Not on all, just the hutch and the island.

Ain't it purdy?  I love it.

Hope you enjoyed my Kitchen/Dining room tour.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG--love the remake of your kitchen! So fresh, clean and inviting. Your old kitchen wasn't ugly, just outdated. My daughter has that refrigerator too, and loves it!

  2. wow, what a transformation! it turned out beautiful :) found this over at blue cricket, stop by for a visit sometime


  3. What a beautiful transformation. What ever you expend was worth it! Yours is the second white kitchen redo in the WW links. I did the same to my kitchen, all creamy white , granite, travertine and stainless steel appliances. I blog about it 5 months ago. All the sudden is like living in a new place. Have fun putting the finishing touches. Blessings, Marta.

  4. LOVE this! So fresh and charming! Enjoy your new space.

  5. Beautiful transformation of your kitchen. You did a great job! Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party

  6. That is one great makeover. I love the overall look and the attention to detail in the hood, great floors, trim etc. Very pretty and I'm sure you are enjoying it!

  7. I loved looking at all of this, and especially I really like the finished product. Great work.

  8. WOW! What a wonderful redo! I love your most gorgeous kitchen! What a delight it must be.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. WOW - that is a huge re-do! We'll be doing ours in about 5 yrs - hopefully! You must be so happy every tim eyou walk into it! Enjoy!

  10. You are so awesome that I featured you!

    Stop by and grab a button if you'd like.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  11. Oh my, how did you ever manage with 8 people in that "before" kitchen? great job! Came over from House of Hepworths.

  12. Wow, what a transformation! It's gorgeous!
    Stoppin by from HOH :)

  13. Seriously incredible transformation, Eileen! BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. I really enjoyed looking through this post. I have been redoing my kitchen, nothing this extensive, just basically putting lipstick on a pig. You employed some great ideas which I am filing away for future reference.

  15. What a gorgeous transformation! I love love everything!! I bet you love being in there.

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