Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Dining Room ready for renovations

Here is the Dining room which adjoins the kitchen:
I started the day after Christmas, packing up my dishes to store safely in the basement while the work is going on.
The large bureaux that I use as a buffet will no longer be in here. I will use it in the guest room/ (Another transformation, soon to come)
I will keep the table, China closet and the small server in here. The server will go where I currently have the bureaux/ buffet, because that window above the server will become a French door. Which will step out to the pool area and the grill.

 The floor will be replaced with the same as we use in the kitchen.

Yippie.....The cabinets are to be delivered on tuesday. The contractor we hired advised us to wait till the cabinets actually arrived before removing the old cabinets, because we will want to make sure they are the right color, and style.
Although it is not commonplace for a mistake to be made, the fact that the cabinets take 5 weeks to make could certainly cause us some major issues if they were wrong and we had no kitchen when they arrived!!

So that is the first note to make if you ever do a major change like this.

  • Wait for delivery
  • Check that they are correct and not damaged
  • Then dismantle your kitchen
So we had to make room in the garage and in the basement for the coming cabinetry because ... it is a lot of cabinets.
Now that the space has been made I am moving on to finish packing up my cherished dining room dishes and depression glass, milk glass and antique pitchers.
 Yep I am a bit of a collector, but I like to use my collections!

The blue and white dishes in the background  were made by Tiffany and company, given to me by my stepmom. The salt and pepper in the onion pattern was a free gift years ago from Watkins company. Other items added along through the years only if they really spoke to me! The blue and white pitcher on the left, acquired years ago, at antique shop, while killing time waiting for my nephews' wedding in upstate New York.
I always liked those blue and white Dining / Kitchen looks in magazines. I think these will look so pretty with my new white cabinets.
The opening you see in the pic below leads to the living room,

Where currently my husband has squeezed in his office desk, and I am working on moving that disaster to another area of the house. ( He is not an easy one to move ..:(().
 It's best if it seems to be his idea!...
 Any ideas on convincing him are more than welcome!!! :))
So I will be putting up another French Door to separate the noise from that Living/Office/ Mess.

So... Next week it will begin...And this is where we are today!!
The table has safely been taken to the basement..boxes have been labeled, the packing is almost finished.

I found some great stuff I had almost forgotten I had. Now I am seriously hoping to be able to use my ruby depression and pink depression glass when Valentines Day comes around!!

It is so pretty, you can see traces of amber, in the middle and around the edges, when you hold it up to the light!

Some say the work will never be done by then, It is only 1 month away!... I can hope can't I?
I can think positive, but not actually EXPECT!.... Anyone else think it might work out? Does anyone have a story of a 1 month renovation?

A few years back,when I renovated the Cottage kitchen down the shore, it took 3 months!! But then we didn't live there!
 I promise I will also post about that renovation later this year.
That was a very, very dark and nasty kitchen and it is so  lovely now!

Below is one more inspiration photo of the last cabinet that I want , that will end the run as you go into the Dining room by the door...I wanted it angled like this to soften the approach to the door.
When this goes in doesn't it look like a great place to store some of my blue and white dishes?

OK, I have to get back to my packing!  Posting this over at Funky Junk Interiors Come join in!
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