Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 18 Creating a Mexican Courtyard

This project is taking me more time than I thought. A huge project removing a bunch of stone and preparing the concrete floor underneath. So today i am posting some inspiration pictures of Mexican Courtyards, and my progress so far.

First is this fountain. I love the arch around it.

Since I already have a fountain, My plan was to create an arch around it with mexican plates that I have been thrifting for the last year in preparation for this.

So below is what I have done.
The plants will come out when I fill it with water 

Below are doors that I love from the site

I am not in the market for a new door but figured  shutters in this style would be perfect to dress up my boring windows. You see here.

Here we are removing all that stone!

Here is a sneek peek at the shutters I found at the salvage yard.

These will go far in making this entrance over into a Mexican style courtyard.

I Love and adore these,
and you can see we have the stone all removed

Here are some more inspiration photos
 I love the clay with the white!

I love the floors in this shot.

I have concrete under all the stone so I am stamping it in a brick pattern.

Here is a sneek at the work  I do have done on the floor so far.

it is a simple process but time consuming and a lot of work on the knees!

With concrete stain and a sponge I have created the look of brick.

 I will post again about the progress. Hoping to get done and go home for Easter!!

Adios Amigos!
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  1. That is Beautiful!!!! I love a courtyard as it is so private. Children can play out in the sun shine but be away from the street. Like a very private patio. It will be So worth it when you have it done!! Thank you for showing it to us. Sarah

  2. such pretty inspiration photos, love that fountain with all the pottery plates surrounding it. Thanks for linking up to the party!

  3. What a beautiful fountain!! Love your Mexican inspired courtyard... nice setting!

  4. Really nice inspiration you have found, I love the plates around the looks like you're heading in the right direction :) I will have to check back and see your progress.

  5. What a great project you are working on! Cant what to see it finished.

  6. I can't wait to see the finished project. Am loving what I've seen so far


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