Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vintage bottles for Vanity

 I love vintage bottles! Especially the Aqua or cobalt ones. I have discovered another use for them. 
Last year when I came home from St.John, I bought myself a little necklace as a souvenir and rather than throw it in my jewelry box where I would only see it occasionally, I decided to wrap that little necklace around a vintage bottle that I had on my kitchen shelf so I could look at it every day,

 and be reminded of my fabulous time I had while on vacation!!

What is awesome, is that the stones in this necklace are only found in the carribean waters. I forget exactly what the stone is called but it is such a pretty blue, like the water.
Now, after coming back from a trip to Maui, I have decided to adorn a few vintage bottles with little handmade necklaces I bought on that fabulous island as well!

It's just a nice reminder of the islands as well as a pretty decor item.


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