Friday, May 15, 2020

Farmhouse Book Decor

Making some Farmhouse Book Decor.
If you can never find a bookend that you actually  like for your bookshelf, then take a look at this cute idea. It is 2 old books tied together with a little bit of twine and some chalk paint, and an airplant for added interest. 
the airplane doesn't require any care, it draws moisture from the air. Occasionally I will wet my by just touching it with a few drops of water or a mist. The books hold up fine to. that because they are painted with a layer of chalk paint.
These are so cute to use on your mantle or bookshelf and fabulous as a centrepiece for a table at a Farmhouse Wedding

Join me at the linky party Farmhouse Friday at "the Painted Hinge" for  lots more Farmhouse decor ideas.

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