Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Harvest Decor

I've been having a really lot of fun lately........working.
I am really blessed to have a job that I really enjoy and I am passionate about.
Working at an antique shop in Cape May gives me so many creative opportunities.
I love decorating the windows...

and I get a kick out of changing things up and bringing in new old things.
Amber glass is perfect this time of year.

This week I have created a fall theme booth with a few different dealers items.
Let's play a game.
See if you can find the 5 differences between the picture below and the very last picture

I used a old chippy white  mantle as my jumping off point. Added in some old stain glass windows and just hunted up an old washboard and a few galvanized buckets from around the store.

The old Gone with the Wind ad makes a nice substitute for the real flames!!!

  I had picked up some branches while walking on a crisp fall morning with my daughter, I knew I would use them in my display.
Isn't this wooden bowl with the wooden apples and artichoke just adorable?

I used shutters in another area of the room with an old crate and some enamelware.

I just added a wire plaque with birds to the shutters
People seem to enjoy the room's cozy atmosphere, and the chair in the first photo sold in only 4 days.
So you will notice a different chair in this last picture.

Enjoy the Harvest season!!

*Sachets on blackboard
*Center Table
*Items on side table
oops make that 6 ... The pumpkin garland also sold... replaced by a burlap and button DIY banner
 Simple fun and easy
Update .... Another chair sold from that booth, replaced by this cute and very Fall like peasant chair.

We officially are calling this the magic chair  booth now, because this chair also is sold... and the chair in 3rd photo top left. sold.         That is 4 chairs in 3 weeks!! It's a panic.

Now I just put 2 antique French chairs in there. Pictures of them later.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here's a bit of fun project I'd like to share with you on an old chair that I found.

It's very easy to change out the look of any dining chair. The seat usually is held on by 4 screws.
Once removed you can cover with whatever fabric you like.
2 and a half yards of 54 inch wide fabric will do 6 chairs.

I chose a french inspired fabric for my chair. After taking off the seat, I painted the body white.
While my paint dried I covered the old seat with my  new fabric by using a staple gun.
When dry I added my new covered seat.

I think it would look kind of nice next to the French end table
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another boorh in another location

Now i have another spot for my sister's and my designs. It's at Cape May Antique center, just a minute away from my other booth at North End Antiques. My sis has been working alot with burlap, making some pretty table runners. And my daughter is also doing some painting. You can see her work on this cute little blue table with a birdie design.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mirror and the Magazine Rack

Sorry i haven't been doing much blogging or visiting, I've been busy with a new job.
I have been squeezing in some projects, and I do mean squeezing.
Thinking it was time to expand, I have   another space I rented at Cape May Antiques, on Laffeyette st. It's in the same general area as my first spot at the North End Garage in Cape May, and I've been busy filling it.
Here is a peak at a couple things I have recently re-done.
A Coastal Magazine rack

Which I had found like the pic below

 I wasn't sure what to do with the small trow at the top that I suspect was once used for knitting needles.
So since I haven't yet mastered the knitting thing, I filled with shells!!

Next up is a mirror that I really loved but wasn't crazo about the gold on it...Dont you just love the big carved rose??

Which I adore now in this creamy white!! I added just a small bit of distressing.

How do you like them??
Have fun this week with all your creations!!
Ahhh I gotta go to work!!

C U later alligator... thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I discovered a new place to make photo collages. Since Piknic isn't available anymore, I have been searching around. I like this site because it is pretty simple.
Photo collage .net

I uploaded some of my painted pieces and made a collage out of them. They are all sold pieces.
I really should make a collage of how these pieces looked before I painted them.

I also made a collage out of my most recent paint project which is done with Annie Sloan Loius Blue, which I added my own white chalk paint to to create a paler color.
I was trying to achieve an effect that reminded me of driftwood. Especially because my booth is in a coastal community.

I am happy with the result. The drawers slide beautifully for an old bureaux. I love this piece and it is hard to part with.
Can you guess which one of these pieces only cost me 12 dollars?
And which was a side of the road find?

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

One thing I love to do is decorate. The 4th of July is a great excuse to sprinkle on the red white and blue.
The sunporch at the beach house gets a dash of red white and blue from some old pillows, I bring out this time of year.

My favorite vintage tablecloth comes out 

And the little red striped lighthouse.

my sweet little pillows with the red anchors.

The window down at the Cape, was looking a bit shoddy at the North End Antiques,
Basically because the window recently broke so has been a little understated in the decorating department.
 I decided to go ahead and add some Patriotic flare, anyway, so I gathered all the different Patriotic items I could find and went to work. I love the Land of Liberty plate.

Excuse the fact that the glass is broken as we wait for a new piece to arrive.
This flag below was crafted from recycled lathe.

A few whites for pop and red and blue vintage books

I wish the pictures were better, the glare from the glass is impossible to avoid.

It's a multi dealer co-op in Cape May NJ.
Here are a few shots of some of the pieces I've recently sold from my booth below.

And here is the table in my booth set for 4th of July, but that platter is sold now too!
I started this decor on Memorial day and you can see that post and
 another window display here

And a peek at my booth at North End Antiques

 Happy Fourth!!

come join the 4th of July party at Common Ground 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What on Earth could you possibly do with this?? She thought as I lugged it away from the curb.

.......... not too pretty.

But a simple sanding and coating of white rustoleum paint, and this baby is suitable and useful again.
A few froggies pulled from the shed add a bit of cheer.

Transformed into the Potters bench I've always wanted now!
 A happy little spot to put some dirt in a pot.

One man's trash is another man's treasure proves true to me again.
Yepper...... I've been working around the yard down the shore and enjoying it.
I added this window cling to the shed window.

 A bit of a mess in there but so much prettier. I found this cling at home depot.

Now I can enjoy waiting and watching the flowers get bigger and the beach grasses get huge.
At summer's end the beach grass on the bottom left of this pic will be taller than the shed roof and have big fluffy blooms, which I love to see but always means the summer is drawing to an end.
This picture was taken 14 days ago and now those grasses are already up as high as the window ledge!
Joining the great outdoors party below!
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