Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Searching for Beach Glass in Cape May

We have had some great warm days here in New jersey this October. Just perfect for hunting down beach glass and Cape May  Diamonds. And I have been busy digging through the sands and pebbles along the shore.
Sunset beach at Cape May Point, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is full of mineral rocks, tumbled down from  the river, and small pieces of beach glass from broken bottles crashed down through the years from the cities  many miles north. This particular beach in Cape May changes from sand to pebbles of every sort of rock, rose quartz, clear quartz, tigers eye, as you get closer to the water.

 And it  is rich in a clear quarts rock that when tumbled and buffed and cut brilliantly, like a diamond, looks just like the real carbon diamonds, and is set in pretty silver or gold settings for rings, necklaces, and earrings sold in gift shops all over Cape May. My father bought me a necklace 15 years ago and it is still as pretty and shiny today.
I like to go and collect all the white rocks to use around the Beach Cottage. They are smooth and creamy white and some are really bright white.
It is also a really great place to watch the sun set, and to get some great pictures.

A few of the pieces of Beach glass that I found on one day, 
In a nice shade of lavender and aqua, and white

And on the bottom right a few Cape May diamonds.

The sun sets here are lovely and a lot of people come to watch it go down.
That thing sticking out of the water is an old sunken ship sticking, called the "Concrete ship" The SS Atlantus.
I saw it in 1985 and there was much more of the ship visible then, than there is visible now.

For more info see this You tube historical video from "Weird NJ"
Who would have thought a concrete ship would float, but they did!
There were 24 concrete ships in the Flotilla in 1918
I want to go back soon before it gets too cold and find some more glass, and rocks, and Cape May diamonds. I would like to learn how to make jewelry from my precious finds on the beach.
 But for now I will just enjoy adorning my little cottage with the wonders from the sea!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage thingy I found for my daughter

I found this neat decanter at an Antique and Vintage shop in Pennsylvania, and I decided to get it for my daughter because it is perfect for her decor.

I love the amber color glass.

It looks good next to her Celtic Cross

I love the top of the decantur! It comes off so you can fill it with a candle or rocks or shells!

and the gentle detail of the bottom

Next to her black candle holder it kinda looks like a halloween vignette.

Especially with the gargoyle my daughter has hanging around all year!

I'm glad I can shop for other people because I still love to prowl around vintage and antique shops. This was a great buy for just 15.00
I will be showing off my find at:
55th Penny PInching Party

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Irish Fall Festival

Down the shore at my cottage, I am never ready for the fall to arrive, because it means spending less time at my Cottage beach house and more time back at the regular homestead just across the river from the city. When summer ends it is back to normal business hours and back to school, and cool crisp days. I always have lofty ideas of sitting by the fire pit, but rarely do.

 The Irish Fall festival in North Wildwood is all it usually takes to slap me into the realization that, yes summer is over.
Below is a picture of one of the cute little cottages we walked past on our way up to the Festival. it still looks summerry, but with just a hint of Fall.

We grabbed a sandwich and an Ale in the irish pub where everyone was dressed in green and singing Irish songs.

You can tell we like our Phillies at this seashore spot!

And we strolled along to buy some of the wares at the booths, and enjoyed some bagpipers. Below is a video of the bagpipers.

As the night fell upon the festival the  booths with the shirts and jewelry closed up and went home., but the sea of green remained as the partying continued on the street and I could not resist snapping this picture reminiscent of  Abby Road

 I also couldn't resist taking this picture the next morning of the gorgeous natural green in the lighthouse gardens.  My favorite place to stroll. Still oblivious to the fact that summer is gone!

And then when I came home of course my little grandbaby made an Irish shirt look good as can be.
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