Monday, August 16, 2010

One Little Corner on the Front Porch

One thing that I enjoy about the Cottage is the fact that it is a work in progress. There is always some little spot that could use an update. Which is perfect for me because I like to make changes. It also allows for the occasional indulgence when coming across a "OMG I have to have that" moment at Home Goods. When the other part of my brain says, "And where will you put it??"
This little re-do is one of those moments.
While breezing through Home goods, which is my "go to" store on a boring Tuesday or Wednesday just to get out of the house and have some me time, I discovered this lovely table.

For me it was love at first sight, right down to the knobs!

So the logical side of my head says"What are you nuts, you have no where to put that!"
Oh but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the luscious shade of sea green, and the sandy colored swirls, and the distressed background paint!

 I'm thinking.. if I move this little table and sell this keyholder ...
 I'm thinking I can upgrade this little corner on the Cottage Beach House porch.

The keyholder is great and serves a real useful purpose but Shore Daddy, just loves to pile up the junk on that tiny little magazine table..... And that table is small enough to fit into a really tight spot next to the porch sofa....
Suddenly I am grabbing, yelling, so excited...
Sir can I get some help, that  sea green, sandy swirly, distress painted table is going home with me!

Did you ever see that commercial for TJ Maxx with the lady running out to the parking lot, bags full of bargains, screaming.."Start the car, Start the car! Like she just stole something. I felt like her.

I am lovin it!

It'll hide that ugly old  electric socket down there on the floor to the right of magazine table.

And on the same trip I found these signs. Impossible to resist. 
So out with the keyholder

 I am on a roll.

Add to that, the beautiful dish my son got me for a birthday gift a few years back. 
The colors are perfect in sea glass aqua and sand. Thank you, Son

Add some aqua sea glass and shells...

And then to walk into Home Goods a few weeks later and find the exact same colors in this adorable lamp, reminding me of a beach scene I snapped recently. The Home Decor fairies must have been sprinkling magic dust on my eyes!

I certainly didn't need any excuse to buy this. Shore Daddy had been complaining about the lack of lighting in his favorite spot, porch corner.

So put them all together ...what do you got!

Can I get a C.
Can I get a B
Can I get a P
Can I get another C...
The new ..Cottage Beach House Porch Corner

Testing out some accessories...
A mason jar and some sisal rope, the perfect colors.

My little nautical mason jar was inspired by a very expensive one in Pottery Barn made with sisal rope. 
I knew I could make this myself with a few items.


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  1. Oh, how beautiful! I love it all. Makes me wanna go decorate my porch now.

  2. Hello Eileen, I can honestly say your new corner is a stunning improvement. I know you are thrilled with your brilliant purchase. Perfect... describes this well.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Hi Eileen! I LOVE IT!!!! What a huge transformation, girl! We gals know when to follow our female instincts, don't we? lol! I was actually hoping that you were going to put your new cabinet for sale at your Etsy! The cabinet, the lamp, the signs, the bowl.....pure beach cottage bliss!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  4. Eileen,

    For not knowing where it was going when you purchased it, all the items work beautifully together and look like they were custom designed to fill that area! Great finds.


  5. Hi Eileen~ so nice to meet you! I am looking forward to catching up on your blog, it looks fantastic! Love the colors of the new piece you picked up! I will be back!

  6. Thank you so much ladies, I fell in love with this table/ cabinet because of all the little sea glass green and blue things I have around the cottage, I knew it would be right at home.

  7. Love it. The home decor fairies are pretty stingy with their magic dust, so your really lucked out! Come see what I've been up to.

  8. What great finds and they all go so well together!

  9. Looks wonderful. What a great little change, makes it so much for welcoming.

  10. Love your corner, colour, styling and that dresser. Your post has been featured in Friday Favourites at Creative Link Up

  11. What a beautiful little corner! Isn't it amazing how all those accessories comes from different directions and then look as if they have lived together forever.
    Enjoy your new front porch!

  12. Awesome job - I love that precious little lamp with it's little pot belly!

  13. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Love the table. I haven't ever been to HomeGoods (closest one is an hour away), but I see a trip in my future!

  14. Hey Eileen ~ Thank you so much for visiting my humble little blog and leaving your sweet comments! I so enjoyed hearing from you! :)

    xoxo laurie


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