Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Christmas Decorating

I'm sure most people have their Christmas decorating all completed by now. Many even have their shopping all done. I'm just getting started with my shopping. it seems to sneak up on me so fast. I love all the buffalo plaid that we are seeing again. I found some treasures recently and thought I would share.found an awesome old dictionary so exquisitly embossed made back in 1936. i feel like I really rescued that piece. the owner was in a co op and didnt even have it for sale. She was using it as a riser for a display ( which is a great use). I had the store owner call her to see if she would sell it and she agreed... SCORE
The reason I say I rescued it, was she said she was using the pages for crafting! I would never. And I am a crafter. But I would take digital images of the pages and use them for printing out and crafting anything. I just could not harm the integrity of this fabulous old book.
I adore the gorgeous cover. It has maps in the back of it. I think it will look great with these vintage chalkware angels on the mantle.
Have you found anything fabulous lately?

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Blessed and Thankful
I have always been a fan of old book decor.
I think half the fun is searching for books in the colors that you are decorating your home, and combining them together. 
My house is mostly in shades of aqua and sand. So whenever I find books in those colors, I grab them up. 

for this one with the photo I added a clothespin and some found capeze shells to turn a simple book into a photo frame. 

Lately I have been working on stuff that leans toward the Farmhouse look. Creating book stacks that can be used as simple decor with inspirational sayings on them.
Blessed and Thankful...

I used four books here to create 2 separate stacks which can be arranged in many ways.  In my Etsy

with a photo

Versatile and fun 

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Vintage Tray gets repurposed.

I worked on this tray the other day. I like to take old books apart and re- use the pages. 

A little bit of aqua  chalk paint, some pages and some decoupage to give it a clear coat.

In My Etsy Store

Available in my Etsy shop

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Farmhouse Book Decor

Making some Farmhouse Book Decor.
If you can never find a bookend that you actually  like for your bookshelf, then take a look at this cute idea. It is 2 old books tied together with a little bit of twine and some chalk paint, and an airplant for added interest. 
the airplane doesn't require any care, it draws moisture from the air. Occasionally I will wet my by just touching it with a few drops of water or a mist. The books hold up fine to. that because they are painted with a layer of chalk paint.
These are so cute to use on your mantle or bookshelf and fabulous as a centrepiece for a table at a Farmhouse Wedding

Join me at the linky party Farmhouse Friday at "the Painted Hinge" for  lots more Farmhouse decor ideas.

Monday, November 25, 2019

A trip to the Archetechtural Salvage in Sarasota Florida

Yippee, This would be heaven for me! Sarasota Architectural Salvage.. inside and out!

They have all kinds of architectural pieces and stuff that been recycled and reused in combinations that make my head spin!
this table looks like it is made from old train wheels
This cabinet is made from salvaged wood and a stain glass piece. Oh I wish I had a spot for it!
I adore it.

A nice assortment of drawers used as shelving... I love this look.

I got me another door! They had tons of them. this one will go in my booth in Cape May when I get back to New Jersey. I think it will be a great place to hang things on.

I went looking for shutters for my courtyard. I found 2 of these gorgeous and unique pieces.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Shabbying up the Living Room

The time had come to do a little something more inviting to one of my shore rental units. So today I got busy with it.
Sometimes when people rent it, they move furniture around to their liking and take paintings off the wall to replace with stuff they like for the summer season.
It has been looking a little thread bare lately so I decided to set out and gather all things soft, fluffy, shabby, white and lacy, and put myself to work! 
So first up are the before pics...

This area below is the first thing I am getting started on!

And little by little, I brought on the "Shabby" Vintage Cottage look.


By moving furniture to a different arrangement, adding a vintage urn, some fluffy pillows, and a big white fluffy throw rug, I have created an inviting spot that draws you in.

The addition of a shaggy white rug, some vintage linens, pillows and a throw, complete the cozy comfy effect I was looking for.

The best part is, all of these items were around either my cottage beach house, or at the rental, in a closet or tucked into the shed. Even the lamps were hiding in a closet!

This transformation didn't cost one red cent!

I think it is fun to see what you can do to create a vision with just a little imagination!

I am more than pleased with how it looks now!
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