Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's most Inspiring Time

I know the summer is winding down but it's not over until Sept 21st so technically we still have a full 24 days left. And that is nearly an entire month. I intend to savor every last drop of summer. Yesterday the beach was fantastic, the water was warm, and the waves were pleasant. No seaweed, no jellyfish, just pure un-adulturated  clear ocean water.
Even the night was spectacular. A full moon rose over the ocean and glistened across the water. I tried to get pics of that but my camera just could do it justice. 

But I did snap a few pics of the lighthouse near me. I feel so privileged to live just steps away from this.

And it is flanked by a picket fence and flowers.

I came down to the Beach House on Thursday night wanting to  wake up here because it is so filled with serenity.
While drinking my morning coffee I took pics of my latest creation. It is an Anthropologie inspired bottle. The one on their site is a bit out of my price range... and I wasn't sure if it really opened for use because it appeared to be soldered shut.
 Mine opens and is perfect for oil and vinegar, or oil and Italian herbs for some nice fresh,
dipping of the Italian bread. 

I love how the sunshine plays on the glass:

None of these photos have been cropped or retouched, they are straight from the camera with the light streaming in..
The dining buffet shot:

The naturally sort of Sepia shot .. 

The light just dances all over this bottle!

 The coffee table shot:

The front porch window shot:

Sorry, I like how my bottle turned out,so much I just had to try it everywhere in the house.
The scallop shell is about 2 inches wide, so it's pretty big, and I really like the fact that you can actually use the bottle.

I have to give some credit to Anthropologie below: when I saw these pics in their on line store,
 I just had to go to work on crafting something similar, but cheaper.

$88.00 for their small and $198.00 for their large 

Mine will soon be on etsy at Vintage And Cottage Etsy  ( mucho cheaper)

This weekend it has been lots of 
Fun at the Cottage Beach House relaxing in the sun and creating crafts.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Relaxing and Chilling with a Fresh Mojito

Nothing like relaxing with a Mojito on the back porch of my little Cottage down the shore.
That is was I look forward to at the end of a long week.

There are lots of mixes on the market or you can whip it up yourself.

Here is my recipe:

3 ice cubes in the glass first
2 shots barcardi white rum
2 shots lemon lime seltzer water
1shot o f sprite for sweetness
4 fresh mint leaves
slice of lime squeezed and dropped in

Monday, August 16, 2010

One Little Corner on the Front Porch

One thing that I enjoy about the Cottage is the fact that it is a work in progress. There is always some little spot that could use an update. Which is perfect for me because I like to make changes. It also allows for the occasional indulgence when coming across a "OMG I have to have that" moment at Home Goods. When the other part of my brain says, "And where will you put it??"
This little re-do is one of those moments.
While breezing through Home goods, which is my "go to" store on a boring Tuesday or Wednesday just to get out of the house and have some me time, I discovered this lovely table.

For me it was love at first sight, right down to the knobs!

So the logical side of my head says"What are you nuts, you have no where to put that!"
Oh but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the luscious shade of sea green, and the sandy colored swirls, and the distressed background paint!

 I'm thinking.. if I move this little table and sell this keyholder ...
 I'm thinking I can upgrade this little corner on the Cottage Beach House porch.

The keyholder is great and serves a real useful purpose but Shore Daddy, just loves to pile up the junk on that tiny little magazine table..... And that table is small enough to fit into a really tight spot next to the porch sofa....
Suddenly I am grabbing, yelling, so excited...
Sir can I get some help, that  sea green, sandy swirly, distress painted table is going home with me!

Did you ever see that commercial for TJ Maxx with the lady running out to the parking lot, bags full of bargains, screaming.."Start the car, Start the car! Like she just stole something. I felt like her.

I am lovin it!

It'll hide that ugly old  electric socket down there on the floor to the right of magazine table.

And on the same trip I found these signs. Impossible to resist. 
So out with the keyholder

 I am on a roll.

Add to that, the beautiful dish my son got me for a birthday gift a few years back. 
The colors are perfect in sea glass aqua and sand. Thank you, Son

Add some aqua sea glass and shells...

And then to walk into Home Goods a few weeks later and find the exact same colors in this adorable lamp, reminding me of a beach scene I snapped recently. The Home Decor fairies must have been sprinkling magic dust on my eyes!

I certainly didn't need any excuse to buy this. Shore Daddy had been complaining about the lack of lighting in his favorite spot, porch corner.

So put them all together ...what do you got!

Can I get a C.
Can I get a B
Can I get a P
Can I get another C...
The new ..Cottage Beach House Porch Corner

Testing out some accessories...
A mason jar and some sisal rope, the perfect colors.

My little nautical mason jar was inspired by a very expensive one in Pottery Barn made with sisal rope. 
I knew I could make this myself with a few items.


After -----

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Fantastic Summer!

I know the summer is beginning to wind down, but the weather has been so fantastic, I don't want it to end!.
There have been so many people at the beaches. Here is a view on a busy Saturday.
Somebody was apparently in need of help. Not to worry, they got it, and all is fine.

I really like it when it is less crowded and things are much more normal.
Like below.

We certainly enjoy our walks to the beach, and I snapped the pic below on our way.

Yesterday my daughter and I went down the beach just before sundown,  to catch some minnows,
and realized we should have bought a trash bag with us.
People from the weekend left so much trash on our gorgeous beach.
Why do people not clean up after themselves?
Don't they know that marine life can die from swallowing their stupid plastic containers and toys?
I'm used to it looking pristine.

Lucky we had a small bucket we took with us for minnows, we used that to clean up a bit.
Normally the beach does get cleaned up by the city but this part is a no swimming allowed beach,
so they don't come here to clean it. 
And people do come here anyway as you can see by the first picture and the one below!
They even set up tents.

I like it best when it calms down a bit.

Below is on our walk back home to the cottage.
 On a large strip of beach were most don't bother to walk to!
Of course we don't want to leave.

I certainly do love it here...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Little Piece of Heaven

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I found a Cottage in the best possible location. Everywhere i go is another great view.
This was driving back from dinner one night. I just love the sky blue pink
Remember that crayon color?
This picture was taken with my cell phone while the car was moving. Such a handy dandy device that blackberry! I love this sunset!

And the picture below of pink streaks across the sky from the sun setting, which I ran out to the bay to see but was a bit late to get pictures, but these pics I took from my Cottage, in the sunroom on the second floor... what used to be a tatty old deck... I love that I get to see the sun rise and when it does a fancy setting I see the colors from this location. Sometimes on a really clear night I can see the red lights of Atlantic City, some 60 miles clear up the coast.

And below are the gorgeous sunrise that sometimes wakes me.
 I love how the little boat was gliding by.

This is the place that has bought so many fine memories for me and my family.
I am forever grateful.

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The Pleasures of the Sea

Thursday, July 29, 2010

There are always times when I relish the bussyness and the lovely summer colors that come with the activity of tourist season.
Here is one such moment. It remains one of my favorites.

I was just puttering around cleaning up in my sunroom and this came upon my view.
There were 2 sailboats, just off the coast.

 The great pleasure in this was a feeling of being at the beach, without even leaving home.
I watched as they glided on the surf.

I would have missed this 2 years ago, before I had the sunroom built.
Where the sunroom is, used to be a old cricketty deck that was too hot to go sit on, because the sun beat on it all day.
I would not have seen such a sight because I would never spend much time on the deck. Even though it had a great view and I wanted to, it was just too, too hot!
Now I am so glad I decided to have it built. Now I enjoy it so much, it serves as a whole other room for the family,and has served as a sort of family room on the second floor. It is just off my bedroom, and even sleeps people when everyone comes down together! 
This is the whole sunroom on a cloudy day. Later I will post some ideas I've used to decorate it.
That little starfish on the top right corner is what I used to make my signature below, tell me if you like it.

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