Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another boorh in another location

Now i have another spot for my sister's and my designs. It's at Cape May Antique center, just a minute away from my other booth at North End Antiques. My sis has been working alot with burlap, making some pretty table runners. And my daughter is also doing some painting. You can see her work on this cute little blue table with a birdie design.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mirror and the Magazine Rack

Sorry i haven't been doing much blogging or visiting, I've been busy with a new job.
I have been squeezing in some projects, and I do mean squeezing.
Thinking it was time to expand, I have   another space I rented at Cape May Antiques, on Laffeyette st. It's in the same general area as my first spot at the North End Garage in Cape May, and I've been busy filling it.
Here is a peak at a couple things I have recently re-done.
A Coastal Magazine rack

Which I had found like the pic below

 I wasn't sure what to do with the small trow at the top that I suspect was once used for knitting needles.
So since I haven't yet mastered the knitting thing, I filled with shells!!

Next up is a mirror that I really loved but wasn't crazo about the gold on it...Dont you just love the big carved rose??

Which I adore now in this creamy white!! I added just a small bit of distressing.

How do you like them??
Have fun this week with all your creations!!
Ahhh I gotta go to work!!

C U later alligator... thank you for stopping by!

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