Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite things to do in the Autumn?

Sorry I haven't posted much during October, but I have been busy painting and a million other things.
I am still working on the guest room/ slash office re-do, and will post some of my progress this weekend.
But I've been waltzing around town taking some pictures here and there, and I wanted to share with you some of the things I enjoy the most in the fall season.
I still love the beach this time of year!
Who wouldn't love this feast for the eyes. The clouds make it so pretty, don't they?
My Cottage is up in that cluster of houses. 
Beach Cruisers waiting for the return of their owners as they walk on the beach, 
no need for chains and locks.

Just around the bend of the beach up looks like you can jump and touch those clouds!

Around the bend is the lighthouse.

Looking Halloweenie even without it's decor yet.

I've discovered a few new shops too, and especially wanted to mention 
the North End Garage in Cape May.
I was drawn in immediately when I spotted the front window. I love vintage bottles.
they're multi-colored glass sparkling in the sun.

I love to browse around these places. this one has a few different dealers.
 I love all the different rugs on the floor.

I adore this perfect size trunk.
So eclectic.

And this cute little dresser has smuckers lids as handles. I love that idea!

Ok.. so I have to get back to working on my guest/ office room. I posted that plan here.
I knew it would be a long journey, lots of other things to do along the way.

This bed and this bureaux below are what I have been working on, painting

Here is a sneak peak at the bed still in progress.

It is a three step process, for the many layers look I'm after. 
the headboard just has the grey as of yet.
the footboard has the 2nd step also

Annie Sloan Paris grey
Then Annie sloan Off white dry brushed over that
Then some sanding.
This entire room is being redone with just the cost of paint.
All the furniture I am using has been taken from different rooms in the house or storage.
And this pretty antique pitcher will be getting a sweet spot in the new room.
Isn't it the sweetest thing?

I'm off to do some more work on my little Frenchy room.

Have a great weekend!
Join in some partays!!!!


  1. Your windowboxes make all the difference. I am joining in the party for the first time today and look forward to checking out the other posts. I truly saying that I enjoyed lot in first visit.

  2. I am a new blogger so I have been creeping blogs to get ideas. Love the pictures!



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