Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picky and Pickier hit Cape May, Paint the town!

I had  great weekend and hope all of you in Blogville did too !
My sis and I went to Cape May for the film festival and had a good time. Come to think of it, last week was pretty cool too.
I used Annie sloan chalk paint for the first time last week, and I have to say it's a fun paint to work with.
I was thinking it was sort of expensive. But once i used it, I changed my mind. it goes a long way, and you really do not need to prime.
Here is the piece I worked on. I chose the paris Grey as my first paint color to try.

I hand sanded along the edges in strategic places for a worn, distressed look.
I love how this paint sands off!

 I lined all the drawers with pretty paper. And re-used the original hardware.

Here is how it started out... pretty beat up and worked over.

I also got the opportunity to live what has been one  of my life long desires, which was to join one of those co-ops down in Cape May, N. J.
I finally was able to get a little spot! I am so happy to be setting it up with all my vintage finds from over the years.  This piece is one of the first pieces to go in.

I discovered this place called The North End Garage just a few weeks ago, and they had a spot open,
 so I didn't think too hard about it. I signed right up.
 I had just come from the West End Garage where I purchased my paint, and inquired about a spot, which there seems to be a waiting list for. So I was very pleased to get in here.
Cape May is one of those  Beach resort towns that have a super ambiance with lots of  gorgeous Victorian homes. It has some of the prettiest seaside cottages and mansions on the east coast.

So today my sis and I strolled the streets for one last time before she goes back to Florida for the winter!
One last adventure for this year, for Picky and Pickier.

Here are a few photos of why we adore this cute little town.
Just walking through this town is sheer joy.

Fabulous wrought iron fences are all over this town from the heyday of iron workers in Philadelphia.

No 2 house are ever exactly the same.
There are a few that look similar here and there, but all are painted differently.

No matter how many times my sis and I go to Cape May, we always find different houses to drool over.
There are wonderful old slate sidewalks everywhere!
And many still have the hitch for the horse out front. 

And do you know what this thing below  is? 

Can you guess?
 The hitch to the right of it might give you a clue.
It is an old step from the days when stepping down out of a horse drawn carriage could be tricky.
Pretty neat huh?

And I am sure each home has a story all it's own.

This one below could have been used in the Practical Magic movie, they wouldn't have had to build it.
Susan at "between naps on the porch" did a beautiful post last week of all the interior shots of the 
Practical Magic house.

I enjoyed my stroll, I hope you did too!

Joining some parties!


  1. Wonderful homes. I've always wanted to visit Cape May to see all the lovely "Painted Ladies". Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes. I do love Cape May! Mister and I went for a trip a year ago and stayed at
    The Mainstay! (sigh)
    So beautiful.


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