Friday, January 13, 2012

Project # 3 a Pressed Back Chair and renewing my booth

I found this old Pressed Back chair
 and pondered painting it....but Press Back Oak chairs have always been well liked, and sought after, just in their natural oak state, so I really didn't want to mess with history. They certainly have a wonderful, cowboy, prairie, heartland of America quality.

But changing the seat wouldn't hurt. It's probably been done many times since this baby was made.

So with my trusty old oil, and fine steel wool, I cleaned her up,
and got out the dropcloth to see what I could do about that seat.

I could not get the seat off to cover her so I hot glued the dropcloth onto the existing fabric, and added some trim. I also made an accent pillow for it with a vintage map fabric from 1994.
It's got nautical maps and conk shells on it.
Now she is sitting in front of a Tiger Oak desk with a safari vignette in front of her,

That hat which I thought was a safari hat actually turns out to be a helmet from World War 11
Worth quite a bit of money!

I covered that entire wall in burlap and did a bit of a safari theme for the Tiger Oak desk and Oak chair. with a few old botanical prints, Currier and Ives prints, and vintage  clocks
And of course anyone doing all that work out in a safari...
 is going to need a big ole jug of rum from a demijohn!

 All waiting for a new home, at my booth in Cape May at North End,
on the masculine side of my booth.
I try to have a masculine side and a feminine side to appeal to all.

The other 2 walls are much more feminine with the white distressed desk I posted about last time, a 1950's Wilendur roses tablecloth, and some ruby glass and milk glass,

I know I have to cover this wall too, not crazy about the pegboard look!

 But it is ready to remind those men of the upcoming Valentines Day. They all need to be reminded.
 Most of them think about it at 4 pm on Valentine's Day!

 Dont ya think?
Or do you have one of those dream boat romantics?

So that's what I've been up to with my latest projects.

Renewing and stocking my booth in Cape May at  North End Antiques and Collectibles.


  1. Wow, the helmet is awesome! What an interesting find! I just love your booth! It looks like a fun place to shop! I just wish I was closer! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your space looks great! I like both sides. I think you're right about four o'clock on Valentines Day!

  3. Your booth is lovely! We've been doing the same in our booth, and just finished a chair, very old, stop by and take a peek. Yours turned out great, I love all your vintage goodies.

  4. Nice job and I love your booth space, so inviting.

  5. Looks fabulous and I love your theme. And adding the burlap adds so much dimension. My pegboard walls drive me nuts. I did cover one end with a lace and brown paper crumpled curtain but I still don't know what to do with the rest of it. We are having a big January furniture sale and I am hoping to move out a bunch of stuff during January. I want to redo the booth in a baby/child theme next.

  6. Love your booth! I love going 'treasure hunting' and re-purposing things we find. Fun! =)


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