Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project #7 of 2012 A Big Valentine Heart for a Window display

A few years back I used to do window displays for an antique shop owner who was a friend of mine in Burlington city. And I also used to do the window displays at a fabric shop that I used to work at. I always enjoyed the creative outlet that dressing a window brings.
This year I've been given the opportunity to dress one of the windows at the North End Antique shop in Cape May NJ, which I have to say at first I didn't want the responsibility, but once I decided to go for it, I dove right in.

 I made the huge Valentine heart myself with coffee filters.

I rimmed the edge with pink roses which I also made from filters and red food dye.

 After forming roses out of about 4 filters,  I  painted the red food dye on just a little bit at a time so as not to entirely soak the paper. The above pic is in a dark room, true color is below taken in sunlight outside.

The interior of the heart is just pinched coffee filters, glued down.
It is a little labor intensive but so worth it in the end.

I really enjoyed decorating this window. Gotta have a few cupids in there.

And a pretty vintage beaded bag.......Now wouldn't that be nice if hubby bought that home for you?
That's why I hung it on the cowboy coffee pot ...;) wink, wink;)

 I love vintage bags, and this one below is so cool.. it actually stands up on it's own,
so it was perfect to hold a small bouquet!

Below is a shot from the inside of the window before

And after I got done with it.

 The pics are somewhat dark because the sun was setting. But isn't it pretty how it makes the white milk glass glow? My favorite part of this window display has to be the enamel ware.
I love it's farmhouse quality. I am searching for an old chippy beat up table that I can set  up the bucket and coffee pot on.

I also love how the whole window glows at night  from the outside!

I had lots of fun doing this, and whatever you are doing this week I hope you are loving it!

Lots of Love,

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  1. I thought tie dyed coffee filters were a fun craft with the kids, and here I am 20 years later ready to rummage through my cabinet to find some for a grown up craft. Love the roses!


  2. Your window display turned out great! I love the coffee filter heart.

  3. Eileen, your guest post about the shell clock is up for this weekend!!
    Thanks again!!!!

  4. Adorable! Thank you for sharing your lovely
    Valentines ideas and treasures at Potpourri Friday!

  5. O MY!! What a charming window display!! And I just adore your beautiful wreath!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  6. Hi Eileen,Thanks for dropping by and visiting Me.The window display and the heart are so pretty.I think decorating windows in stores would be a wonderful job.I thought about it for awhile when I was young.

  7. Beautiful window!! Love the big heart!! The vintage ware really shows off!!

  8. Love the window--that coffee filter heart is beautiful. Did you make the pink flowers on the outside of it?

  9. Oh my goodness--had to go back and read again. You made the roses with coffee filters?! Have you done a tutorial on that? They are beautiful!

    1. Yes the tutorial will be posted thursday night or friday!
      Eileen @ CBH

  10. Me again--I'm following you now...can't wait to learn how to make those coffee filter roses! --Sandy

  11. Hi Eileen, this is just over the top gorgeous. LOVE that coffee filter valentine heart! I'll be featuring this post on VIF tomorrow, thanks so much for linking up to the party! xo

  12. That's a great wreath! Looks wonderful in that window display!


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