Sunday, May 22, 2011

An old School House, A yard Sale, Vintage Bottles

Saturday Fun Times....Capturing Time in a Bottle.

Wow I really enjoyed myself this past Saturday. I'm just getting around to posting it now.
I headed down the shore to do some more cleaning on my Cottage Beach House, for the upcoming summer season. The 90 mile drive down here is always enjoyable, but I never really take my time to stop and smell the roses.  You know what I mean?

I've been driving this route for well over 15 years now, and always wanted to stop at a few scattered antique shops and such on the way but never have. Mostly because I always had the kids or hubbo along and of course ..they would never go for that.
But as I was driving down on this past saturday, I said to myself, For heavens sake I'm such a creature of habit that  even though the kids all drive their own cars now...And I have the pleasure of the car, alone.
I still just drive right past these places!!

Always in a rush to get here or there and get stuff accomplished.

Well this weekend I stopped. To snap some shots.
A small marina along the way.

A lovely  old church in Goshen.

(Goshen.. a small town in Southern New Jersey recently mentioned in the movie "Water for Elephants") which by the way I really enjoyed.
Then I come across this old school house:

 Boarded up but saved from demolition... for now.
The sign says Goshen Public School... the clapboard is all chippy but still in great shape and it appears to be structurally sound.

I have admired this building for years and I am so glad I finally stopped to snap it.
How quaint is this?

Like something out of an old movie.

Wouldn't it be a great location for an actual shoot?
Imagine the kiddies who ran through these doors.

Then I came upon a yard sale....A quick stop because it started to rain..
I had to stop..
Look at these cuties...
 pristine condition

who could resist this group?

 I have plans for this piece below

 This hobnail milk glass has a nice iridescence around the rim. That means it is an older piece.

But the best was yet to come...had I only known.. I would have spent less money at that yard sale.
As the rain was beating down now, I glimpse a sign that says "antique bottles"
Can you hear my breaks squeeling to a halt??

Stepping out of the car in amazement..I see 2 tables filled with delicious vintage bottles.
AAAHHH Geeeessss, I'm a goner.

 I have no self control! I thought I was done with my vintage bottle collection.

 Eileen #1,  might be done....
 but Eileen #2 can think of about 4 more window ledges just crying for a vintage bottle or 2

Drooling at these. 

Darn I wish I had more cash.
These are the ones I escaped with.
The beach glass scattered about my daughter found on the sandy shores of the Delaware river!

Love the irridiscence on this one

This one is so old it has the really old abbreviation for Philadelphia on it.
Instead of Phila. It says Philada. ( The Liberty Bell says Philada)

All in all the trip that normally takes 1 hour and 40 minutes, took 2 and a half hours.
And gave me some sweet photos  and some fabulous new old bottles.

Now what would you do with a bunch of old vintage bottles?

So glad I decided to take time for me.
 I have to thank Sarah at abeachcottage for the encouragement to indulge in "saturday me" time! 

Now it is something I strive for on the spur of the moment. ;))
And I catch it any way I can.

Thanks  for stopping by!

Some fun parties I will be trying to hop over to: 


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful finds! Those bottles have me drooling!

    I found you through the Sunday Showcase, and I'm following you now! :)


  2. So glad you took some good old fashioned time for yourself. I'm in love with those bottles too!! :O)

    Hope you have time to visit this week 'cause we're having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate summer :O)

  3. The vintage glass bottles are awesome. Great find!!!

  4. Coming over from Masterpiece Monday. The thumbnail photo of the old bottles had me intrigued right away. I love old bottles too and you found some really nice ones. Is that all the gentleman was selling? He must have had some kind of collection!!
    I enjoyed your school house photos too.

  5. Eileen @ Cottage Beach HouseMay 24, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    Yes Jane, he had an extensive collection from years of working in AC and Phila. He was only selling what he had duplicates of. He had an entire room in his house that he was keeping!!

  6. What a lovely finds. I'm so glad to see this kind of post and I really like it. thank you for sharing.


  7. Lovely photos, and I like it. I enjoyed a lot your blog and I am impressed.

    Charles A


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