Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 for Our Gang

New Orlean's was fun and a trove of eclectic culture. that city has some gorgeous buildings. Some will be showed off in another post. But first, I have to show you the fabulous pumpkins from yesterday.

I got home from New Orleans just in time for the Pumpkin Carving Fest that was taking place at my house. My family was busy carving all these.

Even though my house is almost an empty nest, ( one child home out of 6) I am lucky that most of my children live nearby and come over often to get together share a meal, and  have some fun!
I was so amazed that my daughter, who is 19 free-handed and carved this pumpkin from an image she saw on the internet.
We didn't realize until we put it outside that not only is it a witch but if you look at the eye area... you can also see it's an owl... isn't that neat?

This was a big 40 lb pumpkin we picked 2 weeks ago and everyone had to take turns carrying!

My other daughter free- handed this owl one below..and my son's girl free handed the ghost one. I stuck to the old tried and true traditional carving.
Then we stuck them all outside for the trick or treaters!

What a fun night we had! How was your Halloween?
Partying with these gals:

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  1. Hi I have just found your lovely blog, great photos of your Halloween our family celebrate it also, would like you to come over to my blog and see some Aussie ones if you get a chance. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Always Wendy

  2. Oh my goodness, you have some serious artists in the family! Those are just amazing. We had a truly fun time here, too!
    :) CAS

  3. Those pumpkins look amazing! We had a great Halloween here too - since the power came back on after being off for 2 days! Who would think we would have a major snowstorm in October?!!!


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