Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Christmas Decorating

I'm sure most people have their Christmas decorating all completed by now. Many even have their shopping all done. I'm just getting started with my shopping. it seems to sneak up on me so fast. I love all the buffalo plaid that we are seeing again. I found some treasures recently and thought I would share.found an awesome old dictionary so exquisitly embossed made back in 1936. i feel like I really rescued that piece. the owner was in a co op and didnt even have it for sale. She was using it as a riser for a display ( which is a great use). I had the store owner call her to see if she would sell it and she agreed... SCORE
The reason I say I rescued it, was she said she was using the pages for crafting! I would never. And I am a crafter. But I would take digital images of the pages and use them for printing out and crafting anything. I just could not harm the integrity of this fabulous old book.
I adore the gorgeous cover. It has maps in the back of it. I think it will look great with these vintage chalkware angels on the mantle.
Have you found anything fabulous lately?

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