Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yippeee! We can eat in the Dining room again.

I am just finishing up the last few things to complete the kitchen and dining room renovation.
I love, love, love the new door leading to the yard from the dining room.

Do you remember how this area looked before?

 As a family we were very used to eating at the kitchen table. We only used the dining room at Thanksgiving.

And behind all these heads were a bunch of cabinets hanging from the ceiling!
 It may as well have been a wall!

That is all changed now. With the dining room completley opened to the kitchen, we will use it regularly. ( I also love love love these new french doors leading to the living room.)

From this:

To This:                  
(ignore over the oven ... not finished yet!)

We love having an island but we also really wanted to be able to use a table again, so we could all sit together.  I just had to get busy painting the table and reupholstering all the chairs.

That was the push I needed to finally complete the  dining chairs which had been in the basement during renovations. I previously had only 1 done and one half done.  I finished the other two yesterday and today we sat at the Dining table for dinner.

And a view from the family room to the kitchen is now un-obstructed all the way to the Dining room..
From this Before:

To this Now:

Remember the old horriibly ugly floor?/ pretending to be slate floor?
ugggghhh.  try not to shutter too much.

I really am loving my new kitchen. I waited a long time for it, and it took a lot of planning, but it was worth it.
We even got all new plates that goes so dreamy with the counter tops. and I love that they are Correll.
Correll is light weight enough that you can grab a stack of them to take to the table with one hand.
Or pull 6 out of the dishwasher and stack in the cabinet in one fell swoop...well almost.
And yet they are dressy enough to enjoy eating on them. They never break unless you happen to drop them straight down. Thankfully that doesn't happen too often.

Aren't they precious? I love how they have all the colors of my kitchen. You like?

My cabinet finally came in for over the oven.  That is the last step in the re-do.!!
I have more projects to post, my son just bought a house and is doing some renovation there. He hasn't moved in yet. When he does, and I take over his bed room, I will have more changes to make around here. I'm thinking guest room/ office/ craft room.
Wow. Can't believe after 6 kids I might actually have a Guest room!
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  1. wow, that looks so great! Love those new doors.

  2. That is a wow. Your new kitchen is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it at WUW!

  3. Eileen, wow! What a beautiful transformation! Everything is gorgeous. Cabinets, floor, countertops, French doors - all of that dreamy white! I hope our kitchen turns out this lovely. We're the same way, saved for it and now it's exciting just getting to plan and see the changes. I wish it happened overnight! lol

    I love the dishes too! We're a fan of Corelle for the same exact reasons. Light weight and shatter proof = no diminishing set.

    You did a beautiful job!


  4. Fantastic make over ! You must be ecstatic.
    I have a ancient set of correlle , we still use. I didnt know it was still available.

  5. Thanks so much ladies for the sweet thoughts! Roeshel, you are gonna have such fun! It is exciting.,I must have had an idea book that I worked on for 3 years before we finally started. And yes Karyn, they make new patterns all the time. I got my new Corelle at Walmart. I't very reasonable and you can buy whatever pieces you want. I think I will go back for a few more.

  6. Oh my! Your kitchen is beautiful too!! What a great transformation! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    We have square Corelle plates too! Love them. They are a must when you have kids.

  7. Looking back, you made a huge leap forward in improving the old look of your kitchen into this new one! The whole place looks spacious and appealing, which sets up a good mood for preparing dishes and dining with the whole family.


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