Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Very Simple Valentine's Day

   My hope for Valentine's Day was having the kitchen completed enough to be working. By that I mean countertops , sink, oven and dishwasher , all working.  My wish came true. Instead of fighting the crowds outside for dinner I opted to cook a simple chicken pot pie. It was yummy. The recipe is here.
   I didn't find the time to get to the basement and unravel my milk glass and ruby glass for setting the table, so I gave it a simple dressing of white lace, a single long stem red rose, and a few heart shaped cookie cutters.
 To me, there is just something about white lace and a red rose that I adore.

My daughter made some delicious brownies for her sweetheart, and cut them into heart shapes with these. She got the cutters from Target. I love the 2 cupcakes with the smilie faces!
Her and her sweetheart.
The flowers on the sideboard came from her sweetheart. We put them in the water pitcher that my mom found in the 60's, in the attic, of the house I grew up in.
It's all ironstone, and late 1800's.
She found a matching bowl too and this will be the new spot for both of those pieces. These inherited pieces are treated like Royalty around here, and will fit nicely in my new Dining area.
Here is some of the ruby glass I wanted to use but didnt find time to dig out. Once I do it will live in the China closet again.
I am so happy to have most of my Dining room back again.

 I am still working on getting all the chairs recovered with a pretty new fabric

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day
Rag heart tutorial here

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  1. I love that white pitcher with all the colorful flowers!!! So beautiful!

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    Christina @ It's a Keeper


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