Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love an Easy Summer dress

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Everyone has their wardrobe of choice in the summer. It is usually something light and comfortable.

I especially love to wear simple, casual dresses in the summertime. Just throw it on and go!


No bother to match any tops to shorts.

When it comes to going out on the town with my husband, maybe to Atlantic City, or even just dinner, I try to find a dress that is a little more elegant but still full of comfort. 

If you ever have the problem of figuring out what to wear, stock your closet with a few of these little darlings and you won't be disappointed.

There is a great online shop called that has the prettiest and most romantic dresses.

Just look at this killer black dress.

Little black number


Doesn't everyone need a little black dress? and they have so many more styles.

Little romantic  pink taffeta dresses.


They have the sweetest special occasion dresses at such reasonable prices.

And look at this pretty little white, sash party dress, I just love this one.



To celebrate their 3rd anniversary they offer free shipping on these special occasion dresses

These are all dresses to feel pretty and comfortable in. I feel prettier in a simple dress even if I'm just going to the supermarket. They are comfy.

Even though in the winter I am mostly a jeans and t shirt girl, I love a soft flowy summer dress, like this one


So my favorite place to shop for some super prices and great quality is  It may soon be your favorite place too!

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