Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some White Vintage Cottage Beach House Discoveries

I found such pretty vintage finds out on a recent "Treasure Hunt".
A perfect pristine white cutwork duvet cover.

The cutwork is so awesome.

The prettiest work I've seen in a while!

 I love how it looks wth my simply shabby chic pillows in my shore house cottage

The lamps, I found at "Home Goods" last year, they were a " had to have " find

 Don't you just love it when you have a successful day out shopping?

I also found, on the same day, this lovely twin eyelet bedskirt,
 which I will be holding on to until I find another to use in my middle bedroom which is due for a redecoration.
 i love the look of eyelet
I adore the texture in this bedskirt.
I really enjoyed washing and hanging outside on the line at my beach house.

 The fresh ocean air makes everything smell so crisp and fresh!
It always reminds me of when I was a kid and sheets were hung on the line to dry in the summer sun.
They always felt so crisp, and so refreshing when I went to bed I would move my feet back and forth and listen to, and feel the sheets rustle.
I still do, and some sheets are better than others.
 I really love Rachel Ashwell's "simply shabby chic" line of sheets, because even after 3- 4 years of using some of them, they still have that crisp and fresh feel that reminds me so much of sheets dried out in the sun, on the line. (even when I use the dryer) And they still fit perfectly.
Thank You, Rachel ! for making comfortable precious linens for a reasonable price. So now i will add these precious new finds to my collection of yummy linens.
I like how quickly one simple find changed the look of this room.

which I had originally designed after the idea below in a coastal living magazine

But change is good right? I love change. Although the design challenge was really fun,
 I love the white a lot more.

what'ya think?


  1. very pretty!!! i know exactly what you mean about crisp sheets...i was having that conversation just recently with my mother, oddly enough. lol i don't want sateen, 700+ thread count sheets...just give me a crisp sheet right off the clothesline!

  2. that duvet is amazing! such a great find!

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