Sunday, May 20, 2012

My new Pink Rose Bush

I just planted a new rose bush in the little garden at the beach house.
 There is a big storm brewing and it's super windy so I am really hoping she doesn't get battered. The beach is just beyond that seawall and it is blowing sand like crazy!
It is so windy I could even go out there to take my pictures, I had to stand in the back door way!
So I cropped and zoomed, to show you this tiny little bush only 2 feet high. I'm sorry it's not a perfect picture. It's a very windy day!

..........But come inside and I can show you these pretty little roses.
After planting, I picked a few of the roses yesterday that were beginning to fade.

I heard that when you cut roses, if you cut down to the leaf that has 5 leaves it will flourish best.
Does anyone know if that is true?

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  1. Yes, I think that you prune to the five-leaf so cutting them at that point should be good. The wind was really ripping in Barnegat this morning before we left. Couldn't get on the bikes this weekend :( Hope your rose flourishes and brings you many smiles.

  2. That's very interesting about cutting roses to the leaf with 5 leaves, will have to try that. Your roses are very pretty! I've been cutting all mine, so I can enjoy them inside, too!

  3. Is this a Knockout Rose?


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