Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What on Earth could you possibly do with this?? She thought as I lugged it away from the curb.

.......... not too pretty.

But a simple sanding and coating of white rustoleum paint, and this baby is suitable and useful again.
A few froggies pulled from the shed add a bit of cheer.

Transformed into the Potters bench I've always wanted now!
 A happy little spot to put some dirt in a pot.

One man's trash is another man's treasure proves true to me again.
Yepper...... I've been working around the yard down the shore and enjoying it.
I added this window cling to the shed window.

 A bit of a mess in there but so much prettier. I found this cling at home depot.

Now I can enjoy waiting and watching the flowers get bigger and the beach grasses get huge.
At summer's end the beach grass on the bottom left of this pic will be taller than the shed roof and have big fluffy blooms, which I love to see but always means the summer is drawing to an end.
This picture was taken 14 days ago and now those grasses are already up as high as the window ledge!
Joining the great outdoors party below!
Mission Possible.. Great Outdoors


  1. I was wondering what you were going to do with it and I am so happy that it was re-purposed as a potter's bench! I love the new look and your beach grass is going to be amazing!

    Thanks for linking to our party!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  2. Just adore your side of the road find turned potting bench. I've been dreaming of one of me own. Mostly because I love they way they look. And also I was hoping they might help me grow a green thumb!

    ... so happy you shared with us all at our Great Outdoors link party!



  3. That is really an awesome upcycle. Amazing what a little paint can do. :)

  4. A junking gal after my own heart! I just nabbed a few curbside treasures tonight myself!

    It's amazing with a bit of spray paint can do to our ugly finds!

    So glad you joined our Outdoors party!

  5. Superb job. Thanks for sharing your magic make over.
    Enjoy your lovely world.


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