Friday, April 15, 2011

Cottage Beach House Table Intervention

I am back in Florida and I am at it again. I HAD to do an intervention on this table. It was too Beetlejuice looking for my taste. Honestly, it's not my fault, It came with the house.

Still working on the chairs. But I Beachified that hutch you see in background
 previously here in this post.

I'll cut to the chase and give the BEFORE of this black laminate Horror

And the AFTER

And the HOW

The last time I was here at the Florida house I had posted how I wanted to change the look of my dining table. Which as you can see has 2 big black  laminate squares for legs.

 I asked for ideas and you wonderful women had come up with some great ideas for me, but one tiny problem kept me thinking. That was the fact that the glass top is so heavy, it can not be lifted off, unless I had 4 men, which sorry to say, I just didn't have!!
 But it could be lifted a tiny bit to slide something between the glass and the stump.
 Now, just what was it that I wanted to slide in there?  ... I had to keep thinking. We are talking paper thin here.
 Ultimately I was  inspired by one of my trips to Home Goods.
Where I saw this this little nautical side table.
 I love the nautical maps and instantly got me an idea. I can re create that with a lighter paint job and get the look I wanted.

So off I went to Michaels for some scrapbook paper, which would be perfect to recreate that look above. Look what I found. It even says the Gulf of Mexico! Our house is down there on the gulf side in the Southwest Florida area. This will be perfect!!

and some with postcards and ships.
See where I m going ?
First I had to paint this table, remember it is laminate, so I used the gripper, from Home Depot.

Carefully tape

2 coats of gripper, 2 coats of Behr "table linen" later.

Now for that pesky top I told you about. I cut some brown paper to fit.
And mod podged the maps onto that.

Just adjusting till I like it. Then let dry and slide into the space.

So the final result which I love...
Nautical love

The overall effect is so much brighter, and more befitting a home by the sea!
Still working on those chairs!

So once more, the Horrid Before

The  Beachified After

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  1. Oh wow....remarkable! You have done a fantastic job with the renos to the dining the new look of the table. Clever lady. Enjoyed the post, looking forward to more. Diane

  2. I'm impressed, I would have chucked the set, you made it look very fresh and inviting.

  3. Very good idea you had with the map paper, it looks wonderful!

  4. Rhianna, Thanks. I did want to chuck the set. I actually tried to negotiate it out of the original deal when we bought the house, but because getting the hutch out, would have been like a major renovation the owner would not do it. The hutch is attached to the wall because it is cabinets. We are never here long enough to tackle any renovation work either. It is our vacation home. And they have mostly only been a couple weeks at a time.
    I liked the length of the table, so i figured I'd work with it, and give it a Beach House update.

  5. That is really an amazing transformation - paint is such a wonderful thing! The map idea was ingenious. Keep up the good work. Happy Show 'n Tell Friday & Have a great weekend!! :O)

  6. Much better. I have some similar chairs that I am waiting on some slip covers I ordered.


  7. How clever are you? I love this and how your great idea was executed!
    Great job.

  8. I love your beach-inspired dining room! It looks sooo much better now! I love the way the maps look on your table.


  9. Your transformation is amazing! It looks so different and suits the room so much more! You are very clever! X

  10. Oh my goodness! How creative--you are so smart to use the inspiration and figure out how to make it happen! It looks fabulous, there are so many of this style table lingering around here in FL, I hope other folks will rescue them using your great ideas.

  11. Hello, thanks for your comment, and now I am a follower! Yes, this is the same paper and from Michaels. I bought it months ago, I don't scrapbook, but knew it would come in handy! Your table looks wonderful, I will check through your blog more!

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