Friday, September 23, 2011

Picky and Pickier were at it Once Again

I have been very busy lately with lots of stuff and  with some painting my sister and I recently did, so I really kinda laid off the blogging for a few weeks. It's raining now so I am back.  I thought I would show you a little transformation my sis and I did, last weekend. We really had a lot of fun doing it, even though it was a lot of work. You may recognize some items here thrifted on our previous adventure !

Today, I can start with the "after"

A few years ago my sis sold her home in Pa. and bought one at the Jersey Shore and one in Florida, and retired. With them came the Hutch that they had for 30 some years.
The "Before'

Marilou ( my sis ... otherwise known as Pickier.. from the "Adventures of Picky and Pickier") desperately wanted to lighten and brighten,  and had purchased a lovely yellow table, with some white, some yellow chairs and all decked out in blue and yellow. But the hutch just wasn't to her liking an idea was launched. She decided to paint it the color of the table. "NO, NO" screamed her grown children, as she presented this idea. "It's an antique," They protested.
Errmmmnnn no, it's maybe 35 years old kids.. not an antique. But they persisted she keep it as is, in honor of all the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners it presented and presided over. She caved.:(

But neccessity is the mother of invention!

So another idea was launched. While out junking one day with "Picky"( that would be moi) she spotted, a real antique china closet from about 1930, with nice details, that was in dire need of attention.

Thinking "they won't care if I paint this, it means nothing to them".. she bought it.
And we tackled that baby, Primed her up, in her garage over good music and hare of the dog from the night before. :)

 and a bunch of other stuff she had bought out junkin.

Since we didn't dare paint the sentimental hutch, it got moved to another spot and the back removed from the shelves.
This was her daughter's idea and it really helped to brighten it up. And made room for the new lighter brighter china closet.

The white cabinet on the left had been where the hutch is now.
 It replaced  this darker piece, below, which made it's way to a goodwill, with the dark wine pictures.

And the right corner got a piece that's been around for also 30 years paired with a thrifted shelf.

Some of the details on the vintage china closet...

Rescued from this..

Thanks for stopping by!.. Smooth sailing to ya!
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  1. It all looks wonderful! What a great cabinet that you found. So many details. Love the hugs sailboat on top of it!

  2. turned out beautiful. i love the little shelf i did one just like this and i love it.

  3. Love the pieces you painted! It makes the room so bright and inviting.

  4. Ohhhhh, the yellow furniture looks so nice----perky-----sunny. Great job! Susan

  5. A really pretty cottage diningroom, love the yellow!

  6. Oooohhh, SO VERY cottagey...just LOVE what y'all did with the buffet!!

  7. that china cabinet is just beautiful and so happy and sunny! love it!

  8. I love all the yellow! Beautiful dining room!


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