Friday, March 25, 2011

It's been Beachified

I got it done.
The crazy looking  hovercraft is no more.,,, Here she is just... hovering

Here is her transformation to a Cottage Beach House look.

Below in her Darkest moment....even accessories did no good.

And her now, below, in all the beachiness she could muster.

Here is how I did it...
She got some fresh paint. Yes i have discovered you can paint over laminated surfaces or black lacquer, ...whatever she was!
Details on painting lacqeur are below

I gave her some much needed legs. purchased at Home Depot, which I painted Behr "table linen"

And kept the black granite top because it has some gorgeous pieces that look like abalone in it. Perfect.

I also was inspired by the little rosettes on this piece below, that I got at Home Goods.

So off I went to Lowes ... (again) and bought a few little rosettes that looked similar.

 I painted them up and Gorilla Glued them on. Clamped for 2 hours and viola!

The rosettes on the drawers..
Some nickel knobs from target...

Her pretty feet

It took some work to get this from black laminate to something I could live with.
 The primer I used is called the gripper.  Home Depot carries it and I have to say it worked great.

 I only needed 2 coats of paint after the gripper.
I used Behr premium plus with a primer in it also. The color is Table Linen. It took 2 coats.

Not too bad for a high gloss black lacquer laminate!!
Below is a pic of the top part taped off and primed and painted with the first coat:

And  her whole self, during her transformation.

Here she is in all her glory.. top to bottom

I really enjoyed decorating her, with things I already had around the house, except one thing I had to add, 2 new mason jars from 1908 that I just picked up. A Ball and an Atlas.
I filled them with shells... we have soooo many around, every one gathered from the beaches near us.
Not a purchased shell in the house.
And shark teeth because this is shark teeth central around these parts.

I love the way the light makes the milk glass jug appear translucent, even a little aqua.

Yep.. she sure is fun to set up now.

The way we were

And the way we are now

I like it now.

I still have to finish the slipcovers for the chairs and I am still working on the table.
For an entire room transformation.
I wrote in a previous post about my ideas for the table, you can read about that here.
 I will be carrying out that project next week. I will also outline the steps I will be taking to achieve the look inspired by the map collage table I saw at Home Goods.

Going to try to join these parties... :)



  1. What a transformation!..Thanks for the heads up on Gripper!

  2. It turned out just wonderful, love how you decorated it especially the cake plate full of seashells:)


  3. Turned out just great--perfect for the beach!!

  4. Great reno! Those floating cabinets were odd! Much better now!

  5. Wow- looks totally different! Great idea!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a transformation!

    How funny, I've never seen a counter "hover" like that!!

    Great job!

  7. I just love, love what you have done with this and how you changed the whole feel! It is very cottage-y! I'm also inspired to paint some laminate I've been dealing with that I hate but am stuck with. You are very creative and that hard work paid off in spades! JenT

    ps. thanks for coming by my place!

  8. Thank you for sharing your Key West trip..I also live on the Gulf Coast and love the Keys...the best little houses...sunsets..and the natives are so much fun...Lynn

  9. Wow this came out darling! I love all the details you added- it really looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  10. Fabulous! What a remarkable transformation -- I love it!

  11. Those legs made all the difference to that piece. Really grounded it, so to speak! Looks so much brighter. You did a great job!

  12. Your "hover" comment truly made me laugh, that was kinda weird. It looks amazing painted and accessorized.


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