Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage thingy I found for my daughter

I found this neat decanter at an Antique and Vintage shop in Pennsylvania, and I decided to get it for my daughter because it is perfect for her decor.

I love the amber color glass.

It looks good next to her Celtic Cross

I love the top of the decantur! It comes off so you can fill it with a candle or rocks or shells!

and the gentle detail of the bottom

Next to her black candle holder it kinda looks like a halloween vignette.

Especially with the gargoyle my daughter has hanging around all year!

I'm glad I can shop for other people because I still love to prowl around vintage and antique shops. This was a great buy for just 15.00
I will be showing off my find at:
55th Penny PInching Party


  1. That's an awesome score. I love everything about it...the color, and that detailing on the bottom..and even the detailing on the lid. Beautiful! And that celtic Cross. gorgeous. I really want to get a nice one because we were married at a church called Celtic Cross Presbyterian Church.

  2. left a little something for you on my blog post for monday the 18th :)


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