Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Searching for Beach Glass in Cape May

We have had some great warm days here in New jersey this October. Just perfect for hunting down beach glass and Cape May  Diamonds. And I have been busy digging through the sands and pebbles along the shore.
Sunset beach at Cape May Point, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is full of mineral rocks, tumbled down from  the river, and small pieces of beach glass from broken bottles crashed down through the years from the cities  many miles north. This particular beach in Cape May changes from sand to pebbles of every sort of rock, rose quartz, clear quartz, tigers eye, as you get closer to the water.

 And it  is rich in a clear quarts rock that when tumbled and buffed and cut brilliantly, like a diamond, looks just like the real carbon diamonds, and is set in pretty silver or gold settings for rings, necklaces, and earrings sold in gift shops all over Cape May. My father bought me a necklace 15 years ago and it is still as pretty and shiny today.
I like to go and collect all the white rocks to use around the Beach Cottage. They are smooth and creamy white and some are really bright white.
It is also a really great place to watch the sun set, and to get some great pictures.

A few of the pieces of Beach glass that I found on one day, 
In a nice shade of lavender and aqua, and white

And on the bottom right a few Cape May diamonds.

The sun sets here are lovely and a lot of people come to watch it go down.
That thing sticking out of the water is an old sunken ship sticking, called the "Concrete ship" The SS Atlantus.
I saw it in 1985 and there was much more of the ship visible then, than there is visible now.

For more info see this You tube historical video from "Weird NJ"
Who would have thought a concrete ship would float, but they did!
There were 24 concrete ships in the Flotilla in 1918
I want to go back soon before it gets too cold and find some more glass, and rocks, and Cape May diamonds. I would like to learn how to make jewelry from my precious finds on the beach.
 But for now I will just enjoy adorning my little cottage with the wonders from the sea!

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  1. How neat-the ship-I'd want to get closer to look at it-I'm intrigued by things like that!

  2. Great finds! My mother-in-law just bought a little beach place for us all to spend our summers at. I'll have to go out looking for glass like yours! Thanks for visiting me at my blog today!

  3. I love beach glass! I was in Brigantine Beach, NJ over the weekend. The beach was so calm and soothing. Hey, not to far from you. Hugs, Liz

  4. What a beautiful place to live. I never knew about Cape May Diamonds, thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece. They're beautiful. And thank you for stopping by the High Street Cottage and for your lovely comment. You have a wonderful blog, tami

  5. Just beautiful! I love beach glass and I am so envious of your cottage by the sea.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. The beach glass looks so lovely in the tray by the framed photos! What a fun collection. Thanks so much for stopping by the anniversary post I did on mom and dad!... Donna

  7. When Lin and I go to the beach looking for sea glass, we tell ourselves, no more pebbles. But we always come home with some. The pebbles there look so beautiful, how can you stop yourself from bringing bucketloads home? :-) OdysseySeaGlass.com

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