Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sprucing up the Dining room

Most of the day today I spent shopping! Boy that is tiring. Some shopping was for food for the Thanksgiving Feast. Some was to begin Christmas shopping because my daughter had some time off of school today. There was little time for much else, but I have, at least, begun my dinner table for Thanksgiving, and will complete it tomorrow. The previous post was really just for decoration and to get the household in the mood. That tablecloth wasn't big enough once the leaf went into the table.
I always use the tablecloth below only on Thanksgiving day.
The table isn't done yet, but I am for today!
I like how the leaf china goes so nicely with this  cloth.

The best part is, when I see all my children around the table, joking and cutting each other up!
It usually is so funny and heartwarming because they( all 6 ) get along pretty good with each other, and for that I really feel blessed.

I also really needed to spend some time re-doing my dining chairs.
And I gave them a lick and a promise!
I plan to give them a full fledged make over at a later date. I will completely take off the seats and re cover them when I find the perfect fabric but for now I HAD to do something. These are 26 years old and the seats just don't come clean anymore. They have been spot cleaned many times, now they need a fix.

look: Before

My temporary solution: Cover in painters drop cloth.

I am thinking about using this as a permanent fix by printing something vintage on this canvas-like fabric, and then securing it to the seat by completely unfastening and screwing back down. I really like the feel of this painters dropcloth!...I love the natural look of it.
For now I like the way it has frayed up.

I cut the cloth into squares. I washed them  and didn't even dry them. You will get all sorts of fraying and have to cut most of that off.
I cut two corners in on an angle.

Laid it flat on the chair, and tied in the back.

You could also tie each leg, which I tried, but it doesn't lay as flat on the sides.

Not bad for a quick temporary fix. I do intend to work on these to secure them to the seats, and to print something special on them. When I do I will post it.


After: one half hour later
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to attempt to make it to these parties:

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  1. The china looks as though it was completely made for that tablecloth! How cool!!

    Nicely spruced!!



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