Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A storm was brewing over Cape May

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago. There was a storm brewing and I went down to watch the sun as it was setting.

 On the southernmost edge of New Jersey, Sunset beach Cape May. Where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. I swore I saw a water spout. You may be able to see  a little bit of it in the 2nd picture,
 in the cloud. 

Sorry this is a little dark , I took it with my i-phone.
I suppose I could get around to some fancy footwork with the photo editor but I was afraid I might mess it up, and not be able to get back my original. 
I haven't really delved into that whole adjust and edit thing yet.
Another shot, slightly to the left of the previous picture, someone had set up a couple of chairs to watch Mother nature's performance, this photo seems to have a slightly better exposure, probably because of the angle of the sun to my phone.

The storm cloud actually moved away really fast and only sprinkled us with a very small amount of rain. Behind the cloud still remained a bright blue sky!

The clouds quickly turned to a gorgeous site before us, and we all sort of were looking
 for that infamous green flash!

As the sun dipped beyond the horizon we thought the spectacle was finished.

But as we turned around the sky was still blue and streaked with cotton candy pink.
With  an old military watch tower a way off in the distance who could resist taking more shots!
It didn't even seem like the same day, but it was.

And that sign in the foregrown says "Reserved Parking for Cottage" I love that! There is a little cottage there. That someone lives in.

And just a couple more, bear with me...

This last photo  was  taken hours before on our ride to the site. I just could not resist the pumpkin patch.
In honor of Thanksgiving.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE sunsets. This looks like it was a heavenly one. I wish I could have seen it.


  2. Beautiful sunsets...I never get tired of viewing them:) Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Such beauty! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you took those with an Iphone. Oh, Santa . . . !!!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day!


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