Saturday, January 22, 2011

This weeks progress on kitchen reno

The contractor was moving along the best he could considering my husband wanted to keep some of the functioning items still in the kitchen. Such as our sink, dishwasher and our stove. Luckily those appliances were all confined to an area the contractor was not really working on till late in the week.
He Sheetrocked one wall in kitchen, and 2 in dining room on monday. Spackled all on tuesday, and again wednesday.

Below he is sanding the coat of spackle. Always a messy job.
You can see the stove still available for me to slave over at the end of the day after cleaning up the load of spackle dust :( It filters through the house even if you do have dropcloths everywhere. But dropcloths certainly do help.

Finally on wendesday or was it thursday?  Those appliances were disconnected. I had to laugh when I walked in the room and saw our guy John with his head sticking out of where the sink had been.
Forgive the  blurry pic, I had to act fast or lose the moment... He wasn't going to re-inact this one!

Hehe I enjoyed this minute too much!!!
Now it was time to start narrowing down my granite choices, because once these puppies are out, Matt will be moving right along with the cabinet installation. Nice white Cottage cabinets! Yippee.
So off I went once again, to shop!! My part in this is so exhausting.. wink, wink ;))
Below are the 3 Slabs I really like.
Kashimer white

Bianco Romano

Bianco Capertino

 Tell me which would you pick? The cabinets will be white. Pure white not distressed.
The appliances will be stainless
The floor will be a nice warm wood.
This was a hard decision for me, I love them all but I did make my pick, and I will tell which one, and why  next week.
Today, is a day for the plumbers. I get a line for my sink.

A sneek peek at some of the cabinets is in order here...
Ain't they purr-ty??

And sneek at the flooring I will be getting.

Oh I can't wait to have my house back! 

Another day of cleaning up after contractors do their thing.
I'll just put that song on that you dance the Cupid Shuffle to..
Down, down do your thing, do your thing.

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  1. It's gonna be beautiful! I know you are excited. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

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