Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a difference 90 miles makes!

We decided to take a little break from all the sheetrock dust and construction mess around the old homestead and head for our house down the shore for the weekend. We got blasted with a snowstorm on Wednesday night, 1-26-11, I was coming home from a Robert Plant concert in Philly, and snapped this on the road in traffic.

This is what it looked like in our neighborhood 3 days later on Saturday, 1-29-11:
 Still very messy streets.
 Skies as white as snow.

Here is how it looks 90 miles away in North Wildwood NJ on Sunday. 1-30-11
Out front....clear skies... you can even see some blue.

And out back:
You can see just a sprinkling of snow down here.

And here is  a snapshot of what we are driving around with in the back of the truck, about 15 inches of snow!!

My husband keeps joking with everyone he sees down here, showing them the back of his truck- that this is what we are dealing with back home, and it is so mild down here, he says it's like Acapulco!!
It is a bit milder than back home and the snow in the truck has melted quite a bit!

I can't wait till summer time comes again!!
The snow picture of our street is pretty but this weather is for Aliens!

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  1. Weather it's 80 degrees or snowing...a house at the beach is Soooo beautiful!!


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