Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picky finds the Greatest Vintage Door Ever!

I'd been looking around for just the right vintage door for a while, with not much luck.
I wanted it to be not too wide.
I wanted the panels to be the old horizontal ones you see on old oak doors in a cottage.
I wanted it to be chippy, with an old coat of paint
I guess I was being Picky.

 And then I found the perfect one.
Hiding between a bunch or other old doors in an old junk shop.
 Immediate and sudden infatuation hit me!
Soon he it was in the back of my van.

I envisioned it in my guest room in the corner, just waiting for some vintage linens.
Or maybe I'd add a few hooks, to hold whatever my guest needs to hang.

As I cleaned it up I realized, I love it's soft minty green color.
It 's perfect amount of chippy 
And the perfect way it fits in the corner!

There was a really lot of grime but it cleaned up like a charm with my favorite, Mr clean Magic Eraser.
From this mess:

That same spot after a regular clean up with pine sol.

And that spot after one swipe with Mr Clean Magic eraser.

I leave the elbow grease to Mr clean. I love it. It all cleaned up in about half an hour.

what do ya think?
And what is your favorite thing to clean up grime with?

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  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Love how Mr. Clean helped too! :) I have to remember that.

  2. This is the type of wood door we have in our entire house! Looks so great!!

  3. I love it--that is exactly the kind of door I have been looking for. The color is perfect and I will remember Mr Clean when I finally find my door!

  4. It paid off for Picky to be patient. And I love me some magic eraser......


  5. This door looks great... a perfect vintage door!!

  6. I love that propped in the corner and I lov eMr Clean Magic Eraser too!!! The color is fab on the door.


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