Saturday, March 12, 2011

An adventure to Florida and the Florida Keys

I am leaving tomorrow  for a road trip to the Gulf coast of Florida, then the East coast of Florida to see my sister's house , which I haven't seen yet, and then I am kidnapping her and off we will go to  the Florida Keys!... I don't ever remember feeling this awake. ... I am calling this one "Eileen & MaryLouise".

Below is the one road that takes you from the mainland all the way through each Key until you get to Key West. ( The most southern point in the U.S.) just 90 miles from Cuba.
I have never driven this road but it's on my list of things to do.. so I am finally going to do this with one of my favorite people in the world..
My Sis.
We will drink in the sites, and laugh and giggle, snorkel and float in the warm clear water.
You get a pretty good idea of the road we will take from this arial view.
We'll go through Key Largo, and Marathon, and Sugarloaf Key... I thought this sounded like a cool place to visit and do some snorkeling.
Traveling from North to South the 1st Key is Key Largo, which features some of the best diving in the Keys at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Diving, snorkeling and glass-bottom boats provide visitors amazing views of undersea life and the Christ of the Abyss statue, a sub-aquatic bronze Christ.

 I will still be blogging about my adventures. My first stop will be Manasota Key on the Gulf side,  where I will actually be doing a bit of work before I set out on my adventure with my sister to Key West.   A working vacation so to speak where I will set out to  re-invent some Dining room chairs that look like they belong in the movie Beetlejuice. Once that makeover  is finally completed, I will head out on my adventure to the southernmost tip of the U.S.
So I should be getting some pics of lush tropical foilage soon and fabulous sunsets.
Gotta go pack.


  1. Have fun....that is a great drive. I have a house right by MM 24. Almost to Key West. We love it down there!

  2. OH have fun! I haven't been there yet..and I live in Florida! I want to go one day too! Can't wait to hear what your trip is like! Beautiful pictures!!! =)


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