Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The adventures of Eileen and Mary Louise begin!

And we're off to the Florida Keys. We got a late start, so the sun was setting on the way.
It had been raining but began to clear and it was neat to watch as the sky cleared.
Not a perfect shot because the car was in motion.  But not a bad one either
It had been raining but began to clear and it was neat to watch as the sky cleared.

And here we finally arrive at about 11 pm.

The hotel is the southernmost hotel in the US That's what it's called the "Southernmost Hotel"

And it seems to have a really nice pool, actually 3 pools, where I will be getting my exercise and's  my kind of pool, there is a bar right there next to it!
We will have no trouble getting our daily intake of Mojitos, Bahama Mammas, or any other tropical drink anybody out there in bloggyland can recommend!

Darn I just missed it!

Better pics will come in the daylight hours. I cant wait to take a walk around these ADORABLE Victorian Cottages

We're thinking this girls week away will have to be an annual thing :)))
viviendo la buena vida... Living the good Life
Going to visit Sarah at A beach cottage for 
good life wednesday


  1. Looks like a fun getaway... and love those hues in the sky in the first 2 pics..

    Just popping in from Sarah's.. have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. How fun, fun, fun!! Love the photos of the Keys.

    We're dropping by from Good Life Wednesday and are enthusiastically following your blog now. :O) Please come by and visit us sometime -


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