Monday, March 21, 2011

From black Laminated 80's look to a "Cottage Beach House"

First off thank you ladies for your wonderful ideas on how to cope with this table. I really like the idea of burlap or dropcloth attached with velcro around the bottom it sounds so simple and easy.

I also discovered that even though I can not lift the enormous piece of glass, I can slip a piece of paper in there . And came up with an idea. I was inspired by a  side table I saw at Home Goods. It really suits my style and I would like to incorporate this idea onto the top of these black slabs.

The inspiration table is collaged with vintage- looking maps.
Love, love. love this idea.
 Isn't it precious?
This is what I want to do to my table legs!

Not only are those dining chairs and table getting a makeover while I am in Florida. I'm finally getting started on that God- aweful hutch that is attached to the wall. 

I tried to get that negotiated out of the deal when we purchased. I hate it that much. It is just not my style one bit. It's black laminate 80's comtemporary. I like vintage. This is not it. I like  trunks from the turn of the century. I like white cottage turned legs. I like soft pastels and stripes. I like old maps. Vintage milk glass. Green depression ware.  Hand crocheted lace tablecloths.
This thing just dangles from the wall like a big spaceship.

Removing it is not going to happen any time soon. We just are not here enough to accomplish that. And as I have stated before the hubbo is not handy.

So I am out to CBH (CottageBeachHouse) this puppy as best I can. My ideas are

  1.  Give it some legs so it's not just hanging
  2. Paint it a much lighter color, off white
  3. Change all the knobs to a nickel finish
  4. Dress it up with some wood appliques

  • If anyone has a great idea for this one help me out will ya? I will be diving in with the primer real soon!  


  1. Yes..add some legs! that will make it look like a piece of furnature. What you could do before you paint it is glue on some molding (think old doors) to make it look like a more traditional piece. Rectangle of molding inside each cabinet...then paint it antique white and place the knobs on the edge but in the middle instead of high on the cabinet. Did any of that make sense? It looks good in my head. lol

  2. Looks like you have some ideas brewing...good luck and I hope you share the makeovers.

    I'm a new follower!



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