Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missing Florida, I want to go back.

We had such fun, visiting all the different islands. Me and the kiddos during spring break.
 Our last trip was to Siesta Key. It was so pretty there. The sand was so so soft like powdered sugar!
And the snorkeling was pretty neat too.

I love when the water is clear, and as you can see in this pic, so, so aqua!
You can see from the hotels in the background this Key is a little more populated.

We swam over to this little private cove.

Where the birds just sit right next to ya.

 I think he was the gate keeper. He let us pass.

That is a pelican just floating out there.

This is such a peaceful place. Makes you think that ...yes life is so good.
 The kids were loving it.
 So was I. 

I wanna go back.
Hunting for seashells.

Away from the sorting of the socks.
cleaning of the fridge.
The Scrubbing of the bathrooms.

Just enjoying the sea.
And the good life.

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  1. This is beautiful.. I'd love to be there also!!

    Have a great wednesday.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. So amazing, when I was making dinner, packing away the groceries, and clearing the sink out which never seems to empty. I was dreaming of when we can buy a boat and start crusing to tropical islands!
    Your post made me sigh....
    See you at the beach,

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I must say I am now a follower, you make me miss FL and I live here LOL I need to get to the water more and appreciate what we have!

  4. I agree, i live here and dont get out much! LOL, thanks for stopping by to see my Romantic bedroom makeover.........Bonnie

  5. Eileen - I know EXACTLY how you feel about missing the beach life. When I got home from my vacation and looked over my photos, I would get all choked up because I missed it so much. I guess that's why those vacations are appreciated so very much!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Great pics and yes, life is good! Thanks so much for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party!

  7. The water is sooo inviting..., I should be swimming in FL in the not so far future!

  8. Siesta key is about 25 minutes from where I live, the water is beautiful down here, but, the summers are awfully hot. Really enjoyed looking at your beach cottage.

  9. Wait until the winter months, my dear. I lived there for 35 yrs. and the summers were too hot, too hot.


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