Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring clean up down the shore

It's that time of year again, when I start the clean up down the Jersey Shore of my little cottage by the sea.
I'll be moving furniture around for a couple of weeks. Plans, Plans, Plans

This weekend I have a couple things I am hoping to get done.
1. Finish painting these 2 T back chairs that I actually began a month ago!!
 I only got the primer on these and then I abandoned them for bigger fish to fry in Florida. I have to finish them in creamy white.

 2. I also need to find a place for this vintage table

 that I have replaced in the dining room with  white T back  bar stools. You can see them in this previous post.

I love the table and it's adorable vintage drop leaf style, it just wasn't working out for us where it was. We had it set under the bar area, because we had no barstools. I just got them in January.
I hope the stools will work out better.
But I need a great place for this table to rest because I am not willing to part with it, so I got to thinking.
Sometimes I like to look at magazines and of course, so many great blogs out there, to get myself motivated.
I found these inspiring pictures that I adore. This room is yummy isn't it?
 I think it was "Cottage Living" mag. or the book "Waterside Cottages".

These vintage tables both look so awesome, and make me want to lug my table upstairs to the sunporch outside my bedroom, and create a little area for gaming and having some lunch with a view.

 That table with the boat on it looks so much like my dropleaf table. And I love the idea below, with the games stacked and at the ready, for any grey day.

Yep #3 I will be lugging my table up the stairs, and setting her up, to combine those 2 ideas.

I think I can fit her in somewhere up there on my sunporch... don't you?

#4. That table will be getting a fresh coat of white too.
#5. Find a new spot for those chairs I am going to finish painting.
#6 Add more starfish to windows
#7 Clean all the windows. Lets not get overambitious :)

I'll let you know how it all turns out.
You can see the results posted here.


  1. Gorgeous!! Love your inspiration pics and your view from your window is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  2. Your cottage looks so darling... even before your big plans go into effect! Can't wait to see your end results.... thanks for sharing! :)

  3. her türlü temizlik işinizde yanınızdayız...:))

  4. Just amazing! You have a gorgeous view! I am visiting from the Flaunt it Friday party and am now following you!

  5. What a gorgeous beach cottage! Your house is as pretty, if not prettier than the inspiration pics. Thanks for linking it up!


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