Friday, April 8, 2011

Storm brings in the Seashells

There were a few stormy days in Florida, which brought all the pretty and unusual shells up from the bottom of the sea!

I found my very first sand dollar. Well it was a half of a sand dollar but it is the first I ever found.
I was so excited about this.

There were loads of little pieces of beach glass, and many unusual shells.

I love the peaceful sound of shells clinking together as they get washed up on the beach.

I was thinking these will look pretty in my antique Ball Mason jar on my newly re-done, re-purposed Beachy hutch- that used to be a black laminate spacecrafty looking thing! ( which you can read about here)
So for 2 hours I gathered seashells by the seashore!
My son and his girl Erika, even had to pick some up.

The sand dollar is about 2 inches long, the large shell next to it is about a bit more than 4 inches.
and you can see from the plastic bag that I bought I got a lot of pretty purple scallop shells!

Some had perfectly tiny little holes in them just right for a slip of a silver necklace!

Wonderful gifts from the sea.
To adorn ourselves and our houses.

Memories from a fabulous day on the beach, after a storm, on Manasota Key,
when the waves are still raging, and challenging.

Simple Seashells in a jar.

So many positives that can come out of a stormy day!

My Mason full of Memories.


  1. Looks like you had a good day of shelling! They look great in the blue jar along with your milk glass. We don't get a lot of shells here in the panhandle.

  2. Love the blue jar with the shells in it. I have the same kind of jar and I use it to display shells too!!

  3. Hey pretty lady! I wanted to pop in and thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my blog! We have fallen so in love with Sanibel, it's ridiculous! lol! Can hardly wait to return next year. ♥

    I spent quite some time looking at the photos from your shell-gathering day at the stormy beach and your Key West pics. You are soooo blessed to live so close to such beauty! I could just hear the pounding of those stormy waves. You transported me back to the beach for a while and I just loved it. :) Key West looks like such a fun place to visit! I loved seeing all the white picket fences and gorgeous homes!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Hello....Laurie directed my here to see the shells you collected! We just got back from Sanibel(with Laurie and Rog), and I brought home a trunk-full of shells!!! seriously!!
    I filled my mason jars with them, and also some clear jars for my little shop.
    You are soooo blessed to live where you do!!!
    I remember the shells clinking as the waves washed them up on shore...a very soothing sound.
    Glad I stopped by.

  5. Laurie and Debbie, 2 wonderful new ladies from bloggyland! Fellow Gulf Coast lovers. I love it when there are so many shells you could take home a bucketful!!
    I know I am so blessed, to have this vacation home in Florida, I just need to get to it more often, and from there make a visit to Sanibel. I hear they have some of the best shelling in the world. My regular home is in New Jersey but I am close to the beach there too. I have to be near the water, it's in my DNA..So nice to meet you girls!

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