Friday, September 9, 2011

All settled into College

Last weekend we moved my youngest daughter into college. I miss her.
 They gave us a late move in time so,
We only had an hour to get everything into the room and then attend a parent meeting. There were some tears involved when we said goodbye. But not from her, from the rest of us. She is really looking forward to this.
When we arrived this was the look.

 This is after we got everything inside.
We did our best to transform it in the short amount of time we had. Dad set up the TV, I set up the printer connections and the bed. Her sis helped us with everything, and her other sis stayed home and watched the baby dogs.
 She picked a red and white color scheme.

And then we had to leave because of set up activities for the students, and she had to finish the printer hook up and T.V. cable hook up, later . She did good. Wow they grow up too fast. Time moves too quickly.
 I know everyone says it, but it feels like yesterday she was this inquisitive, little squirt on the beach. Picking up big horseshoe crabs, larger than her head and peeking into them.

Then suddenly,
It's senior prom:

Enjoy your little angels they sprout wings way too fast.

Do you remember your college days? What did you like the most about them?

 Here's a pic of our new baby dog which she will surely miss.!

Have a great weekend!

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