Friday, September 30, 2011

Cottage Beach House Down the Jersey Shore for Fall

Last post I showed you our front porch and entry. Now I wanted to show you the Cottage Beach House at the Jersey shore dressed up for fall..
At this house, I don't have a mantle to dress so I do the hutch.
I think my favorite thing is the vintage book stack in Autumn colors, especially because the top one says "The Islanders" in orange. These were just thrifted and set up today. I have been searching for pumpkin colored old books that were not too expensive for weeks.

Love. Amour.
And another very lucky thrift find. Today. This adorable seed can in pumpkin color!
I think the Gods walked with me today.
The gravy boat is an oldie but goodie, and she only shows her orange flower this time of year!

I found some adorable gourds at the local market for 50 cents each. they look like birdies.
See them perched up on top?

And these little birdies on the books, look to me like they may be planning their escape!
I think they are saying "If we could just make our way up to those pine cones above!"

Maybe hoist ourselves up with that string!

All the way to the top.
Or jump down and perch on that sea grass before we fly off.  :o)

Let's go visit with those gourds that think they are birds outside on the ledge!

And right out the front door!

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  1. Gorgeous~your beach house is just darling wearing it's fall colors!! Love your hutch too- thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  2. I have enjoyed looking at your beautifully decorated hutch. Looks wonderful with the fall accents. What great finds. I love the addition of the balls of twine.


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