Monday, September 26, 2011

A Simple Fall Mantle

I wanted to post about a mantle decoration for Layla's linky party Tuesday Sept 27th.

I've done just a few small things to decorate for Fall around here. I have to admit I'm not real enthusiastic about it because, I hate to see the summer leave us. I know all too quickly that the leaves will all be changing on the trees and then falling off.
Leaving us with bare trees, and dark skies for months and months.
We just closed our pool, 2 days ago!
When I begin the Fall decorations before the leaves actually turn yellow and red, it is a little hard for me to ... ummmnn...get into it.
 I usually like to really wait until the trees are turning. Then there is actually a pretty glow to the sky. And I can really use the leaves that are falling. This picture below is from last year, in November. We are a long way from this yet, and I am not one to rush anything in my life.
 I like how the grass is still so green and pretty in this picture.

And the flowers are still in their glory.
Nothing looks like this yet around here. Everything is still as green as can be.
But blogland is calling me... for a Fall this is what I've done. Nothing fancy because It's not a great big fireplace here, the big fancy fireplace is in my Florida home...Ironic isn't it?

Here.. in the cold Northeastern US, I only have a gas fireplace and the big screen is above it, so I'm not big on decorating it. Just not much room. But I love my mantle that is above my kitchen oven, so just a few touches to change it for the Fall...

Some leaves and a gourd or 2
A bit of wheat in a vintage bottle

And i can't decide on the plate

I kinda like this one even though it has pink in it and that is probably more suitable to a spring mantle, but I really like the warmth it's bringing in with it's gold and green leaves.

I'll probably change it 5 times till I'm content.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  1. I love that big round china plate; the aqua and rust/orange looks beautiful together. Me too--I move and rearrange stuff around here all the time. Lovely post!

  2. Very pretty Fall mantel. I am loving the platter.

  3. Hi Eileen-

    I too love simple and classic - your kitchen looks very pretty.


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