Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decor Ideas

I added a few new elements to the Christmas decor today. Decided to add a small tree to the family room, that's where I watch TV at night, so I can see it's twinkle all the time.  The big tree is in the living room, I only get to admire it when I am passing by. So I added this little one to the table with the Nativity.

I dressed it all in white with just a few of my book page angels.
which I posted how I make here
We have a white/ snowflake theme going on around the house this year, with lots of puffy white snow as a backdrop for just about everything, so when 
 I found some of those big white snowflakes I've been seeing around blogland,  I couldn't resist adding a few to my windows for a wintry feel, in the dining room,

I love the golden glow outside on the bare tree branches today!

And more snow drops in the family room

And a few vintage additions
In the family room on an old basement window I found at the curb years ago with all broken glass.
.I had the busted glass replaced with mirrors,  attached a shelf and distressed painted it all at least 10 years ago. It is still one of my favorite wall pieces in my house. 
I love the old original locking hooks.
I usually have a few pictures on it and some roses garland but of course it has to get dressed for Christmas.

And on the dining buffet I added a couple little old cream cheese crates.
 I almost passed this little crate below by, because I didn't like the area where someone once almost painted it green, but I decided it was coming home with me anyway, at such a great price...
3 dollars!! I've learned to accept it's imperfection.
What struck me about these 3 crates is they all have different brand names, and it really surprised me because I thought Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese was the only one that made cream cheese!

I think they will add some nice vintage charm to my kitchen even after the Holidays, don't you?

And just a dab more bling in the family room, with some branches cut from the bottom of our real tree, , added to a shiny urn.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.
............well.... besides summer time!

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  1. It's lovely. I love a vintage Christmas.

  2. It all looks wonderful but I especially love your mirrored window and those cream cheese boxes are so whimisical! Very nice.

  3. You have so many adorable touches. I love the vintage boxes with the mini trees.

  4. It's all lovely. I especially like the mirrored window and the old cream cheese boxes.
    Warm Christmas wishes to you.

  5. I'm in love with your little cream cheese crates - SO charming!!


  6. Beautiful decorations! I love the Angels you made. The window mirror shelf is really cool. I adore your cream cheese boxes. The snowflakes look very pretty in your window.

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Everything looks great! I especially the old basement window and cheese crates!! Thanks for sharing:D

  8. I love your little tree. I think I'm going to skip the big tree next year and just do a small one on my repurposed library table. Your book page angel is so pretty and I LOVE your salvaged window/mirror. It's stunning. Have a merry Christmas!

  9. I wish too celebrate Christmas with such zest and fervor.You are really innovative and i am sure you must have put in a lot of hardwork.I will hopefully next year follow your suit and celebrate the Christmas in its true spirit.

  10. Very pretty Eileen! Love the little white bottle brush trees. Have a Happy New Year!

  11. I love these decoration ideas and try to use one of them next time.Keep updating this blog and send updates regularly.


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