Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Fantastic Summer!

I know the summer is beginning to wind down, but the weather has been so fantastic, I don't want it to end!.
There have been so many people at the beaches. Here is a view on a busy Saturday.
Somebody was apparently in need of help. Not to worry, they got it, and all is fine.

I really like it when it is less crowded and things are much more normal.
Like below.

We certainly enjoy our walks to the beach, and I snapped the pic below on our way.

Yesterday my daughter and I went down the beach just before sundown,  to catch some minnows,
and realized we should have bought a trash bag with us.
People from the weekend left so much trash on our gorgeous beach.
Why do people not clean up after themselves?
Don't they know that marine life can die from swallowing their stupid plastic containers and toys?
I'm used to it looking pristine.

Lucky we had a small bucket we took with us for minnows, we used that to clean up a bit.
Normally the beach does get cleaned up by the city but this part is a no swimming allowed beach,
so they don't come here to clean it. 
And people do come here anyway as you can see by the first picture and the one below!
They even set up tents.

I like it best when it calms down a bit.

Below is on our walk back home to the cottage.
 On a large strip of beach were most don't bother to walk to!
Of course we don't want to leave.

I certainly do love it here...


  1. Hi Eileen! You are so blessed to live on the shore. Your pics are so wonderful!! I would LOVE to be able to walk along the ocean shore. I absolutely love that photo of the fencing! It could be in a magazine, or hanging in a frame!
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Thanks so much Debbie. I know I am truely blessed. I love the water and the sand. I hope you also have a fabulous week by the Lake!


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