Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's most Inspiring Time

I know the summer is winding down but it's not over until Sept 21st so technically we still have a full 24 days left. And that is nearly an entire month. I intend to savor every last drop of summer. Yesterday the beach was fantastic, the water was warm, and the waves were pleasant. No seaweed, no jellyfish, just pure un-adulturated  clear ocean water.
Even the night was spectacular. A full moon rose over the ocean and glistened across the water. I tried to get pics of that but my camera just could do it justice. 

But I did snap a few pics of the lighthouse near me. I feel so privileged to live just steps away from this.

And it is flanked by a picket fence and flowers.

I came down to the Beach House on Thursday night wanting to  wake up here because it is so filled with serenity.
While drinking my morning coffee I took pics of my latest creation. It is an Anthropologie inspired bottle. The one on their site is a bit out of my price range... and I wasn't sure if it really opened for use because it appeared to be soldered shut.
 Mine opens and is perfect for oil and vinegar, or oil and Italian herbs for some nice fresh,
dipping of the Italian bread. 

I love how the sunshine plays on the glass:

None of these photos have been cropped or retouched, they are straight from the camera with the light streaming in..
The dining buffet shot:

The naturally sort of Sepia shot .. 

The light just dances all over this bottle!

 The coffee table shot:

The front porch window shot:

Sorry, I like how my bottle turned out,so much I just had to try it everywhere in the house.
The scallop shell is about 2 inches wide, so it's pretty big, and I really like the fact that you can actually use the bottle.

I have to give some credit to Anthropologie below: when I saw these pics in their on line store,
 I just had to go to work on crafting something similar, but cheaper.

$88.00 for their small and $198.00 for their large 

Mine will soon be on etsy at Vintage And Cottage Etsy  ( mucho cheaper)

This weekend it has been lots of 
Fun at the Cottage Beach House relaxing in the sun and creating crafts.

Joining in on the parties


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  1. I agree no need to rush to the end of a good thing. Great photos. You've got an eye for this. :)

  2. Wow. What a pretty bottle. I actually like yours much better than the Anthropology ones. The photos with the lights coming through the bottle are so pretty.

    That lighthouse shot is gorgeous too!

  3. Love your photos ~ they'll be great to peek at when you get a rainy day!


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